July 15, 2024


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Vivo Energy Rwanda launches EcoDrive Super and GASOIL fuels

Vivo Energy Rwanda launches EcoDrive Super and GASOIL fuels

Vivo Energy Rwanda, the exclusive distributor and marketer of Engen branded fuels, has launched the Vivo Energy’s latest Engen-branded fuel formulation. Engen EcoDrive fuels are now available in Engen Service Stations nationwide.

Engen EcoDrive has been designed to be better performing and provide added benefits which are not available with ordinary petrol and diesel.

Speaking at the launch of the product, Managing Director for Vivo Energy Rwanda, Mr. Saibou Coulibaly, said this is the most important development for Vivo Energy in Rwanda since it acquired Engen Rwanda.

Managing Director for Vivo Energy Rwanda, Mr. Saibou Coulibaly

Touching on the benefits of the new product, Mr. Coulibaly said this will keep car engines healthy, provide better fuel economy, and reducing emissions from car use. According to him, Engen EcoDrive is designed to keep inlet valves clean, prevent deposit formation and improve engine efficiency, resulting in better drivability.

“Engen EcoDrive will give consumers a new fuel option which is more reliable and more efficient. It uses a chemical formulation that is designed to enhance the quality of ordinary petrol and diesel. What this means for motorists is a help to improve fuel economy, cleanliness, and engine protection.” said Coulibaly.

Mr. Saibou Coulibaly also stated that while the Petrol version of EcoDrive will help with fuel economy, engine cleaning, friction reduction, and protection against corrosion, the Diesel version will help with fuel economy, cleaning, protection, as well as having Antifoam technology.

Addressing the media shortly after the official launch at Masaka Engine Fuel Station, Mr. Coulibary explained that “this new product will bring benefit to our Rwandan customers, private motorists, commercial drivers but also motor riders.”

“For us, it is a product, it is a fuel economy product that will give some benefit in terms of reducing the fuel consumption in the current context of high fuel price and inflation.” He said.

“Everyone need to save money. So, for us, this is the main reason of launching this new differentiated product in Rwanda. And the good thing is that Rwanda is the first ancient market to launch this product in Africa.” He explained

He also added that the EcoDrive Fuels will contribute to the country’s agenda of reducing the CO2 emissions.

“The principle is very simple simple. When you reduce your fuel consumption, you will reduce emission of co2. When you reduce your fuel consumption, you will reduce also the negative impact of fuel emission on our climate. So for us, reducing the fuel consumption and integrating the fuel with some additives that are able to clean our engine that are able to reduce the deposits in the fuel injection system will definitely improve the reduction of gas emission and will improve also the quality of the air.” He said.

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