April 17, 2024


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A 30 years old Rwandan seeks EALA seat as regional Integration stays a matter of concern

 BY Ange de la Victoire DUSABEMUNGU

Gatabazi Davis, a Rwandan with experience in pharmacy and leadership programs, seeks to become a Member of Parliament Representing youth in the East Africa Legislative Assembly as campaigns for EALA seats take the momentum in regional countries.

Mr. Gatabazi, 30 years old, prioritizes bringing on board the youth in the political integration process of the East African Community and to speak for the youth in terms of access to finance.

Political analysts in the region have continued to show that the youth of East Africa show weakness in expressing their opinions in the political arena while at the same time the problem of lack of access to finance have continued to affect the well-being of the youth in general.

Mr. Gatabazi says that one of his concerns is that the regional  youth have a voice in the political arena and to advocate for them in terms of getting capital and funding for their business projects, all of which support their well-being as well as creating an informed generation either in politics, business and financial sector.

Mr. Gatabazi said “My manifesto is mainly about Youth Participation in Political Integration, mostly Decision making Process, Youth Access to Finance, Youth Participation in Social Wellbeing and mobilizing for the Accountable Leadership.”

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Besides Hard Work, he always believes that Putting People First and Accountability are added ingredients to his leadership philosophy.”

Gatabazi Davis(Phn) is registered and License Pharmacist with Bachelor’s Degree in Pharmacy.  

After Completing his Studies in India, he returned to Rwanda to Practice his Profession as Pharmacist from Oct 2016 to Date.

In 2018 he was Selected to Join Pan African Movement Youth Commission as a Member.

He was Among the  International Task Force to Prepare the Commonwealth Youth Forum (CYF 2022) and In June 2022, he was Elected By Pan African Movement General Congress to be Youth Commissioner in Pan African Movement Rwanda Chapter.

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