July 17, 2024


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Easy way for NGOs to communicate via TOPAFRICANEWS Website

Normally, organisational communication is very important since it is through the effective communication that organisations stay in touch with their clients, donors, stakeholders and beneficiaries.

Many people like organizations that communicate to them with timely and accurate information regarding what they are doing or a new product that was added to the existing products.

Following lesson learnt during COVID 19 pandemic, many organizations have turned their communications online by putting in place clear plan for their businesses which is also a good sign that their businesses and targeted audience are given the value they deserve as the current changes are pushing all of us in our respective sectors to be online.

To that end, TOPAFRICANEWS Communications Team has been supporting various organizations and advising some companies  to do not commit mistakes of discontinuing the Organizational communication program even in this challenging times.

Testimonies that we are receiving from those who have utilised our channel so far, are that their brand name are still shining despite the inflation crisis that followed the hard times caused by the COVID 19 pandemic.

While we advise those seeking to maintain effective communication, we seek also to show the easiest way of communicating via TOPAFRICANEWS website during this time and even beyond.

TOPAFRICANEWS Communications services have no limit, except communications that seek to create disorders and messages that can raise other negative impacts on the society are prohibited and unacceptable

Any individual or organizations and business companies seeking effective communications from now on, from wherever, can send their requests to vickange@gmail.com for further information on our service prices which we hope will be affordable for you and your business. You can also call +250787105131

Media Contact:
Ange de la Victoire DUSABEMUNGU
Company Founder
Tel: +250 78 71 05 131
E-mail: info@topafricanews.com
Or Personal Email: vickange@gmail.com


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