September 26, 2023


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A GUIDE TO DEVELOP COURAGE- 10 things that will help you to become courageous

Milos Vucetic

Consultant, coach and mentor (2008–present)

We are not born courageous, we need to earn it. Courage is the ability to do something that frightens one. Being courageous is not being immune from fear, but taking action despite fear. Courage gives us the strength to not be paralyzed in front of uncertainty or difficulty. Without courage, you can’t be the master of your life.

1)FACE YOUR FEARS- Nothing can boost your courage like when you face your fears. Where you fear is there is your taste. When you complete that task you will be rewarded with courage.

2)LEARN TO GET OUT OF YOUR COMFORT ZONE– Comfort zone is good just for recovery or for rest, but if you spend your time there, you will not be able to develop courage. The courage you can develop when you get out of your comfort zone.

3)CHALLENGE YOURSELF– Do something that will challenge you. Don’t be a passive observer of your life, be proactive. The quality of your challenge depends on how much courage you will earn.

4)STRIVE FOR UNCERTAINTY AND DIFFICULTY– An easy lifestyle will create a good ground to be average, but if you want to develop courage strive for uncertainty and difficulty.

5)NURTURE STRENGTHS AND ELIMINATE WEAKNESSES– You are afraid if you don’t have any quality. It is important to nurture your strengths, but also is important to eliminate all your weaknesses, if you want to be courageous.

6)INTEGRATE AND DEVELOP YOUR PERSONALITY– If you have a chaotic personality, it is normal to be afraid of life. The moment you integrate and develop your personality is the moment when you will have a good foundation to create authentic courage.

7)HAVE FAITH IN AND RELY ON YOURSELF- Don’t wait for anyone to deal with your adversities, take full responsibility in your hands. Have faith in and rely on yourself. Be loyal to yourself no matter how difficult the situation is.

8)PROTECT YOUR FREEDOM AND INDEPENDENCE– Being courageous gives you the sovereignty to be independent and free. Without courage, you can be free and independent. Eliminate everything that jeopardizes your freedom and independence.

9)YOU CAN’T PERMANENTLY OWN COURAGE, YOU NEED TO EARN IT– Most people think that once you develop courage, you don’t need to do anything. It is a wrong assumption. You need to confirm every day your courage, by facing fears, challenges, adversities, difficulties, and uncertainties.

10)FIND A GOOD MENTOR– Sometimes, you can’t solve some challenging situation by yourself, you need to find a good mentor that will guide you to overcome difficulties. Courage is a virtue that will help you in every situation, that is why you need to find the right mentor that can support you and guide you until you become courageous.

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