May 24, 2024


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Trocaire praised for its contribution to the development of local communities in Nyamagabe, Nyaruguru and Nyanza Districts

By TAN Reporter

Beneficiaries of the TROCAIRE funded Project in Nyamagabe, Nyaruguru and Nyanza Districts have expressed their satisfaction on the project outcomes affirming that it helped them get out of poverty through the various programs, including the entrepreneurship skills that they have gained throughout the project implementation.

Uwineza Edith is one of the beneficiaries who lives in Ngera sector, Karama village in Nyaruguru district. Speaking to ForefrontMagazine  said: that “Trocaire  has helped me develop through the community project. Now I have 1.5 ha of tea plantations which is a farm that I bought for about one million (Rwf 1,000,000), which I saved from the community saving group.”

She goes on to say that she and her family have a good life because tea gives her money to take care of her family as a woman.

Sibomana Modeste, is a program Manager at Trocaire International. He says that their goals include preserving natural resources such as land and water, protecting the environment, dealing with climate change and empowering women.

He said, “According to the Government’s plan to empower women, we have decided to improve their lives because when a woman prospers, the whole family prospers. Those we have worked with have all reached a satisfactory level, some are entrepreneurs, others are traders, farmers and they have provided work for people who did not have jobs.”

Ntirushwa Alphonse, is a beneficiary from Nyamagabe district, Cyanika Sector, Kiyumba village, Gikomero village.

In his testimony, he says that they are trained on climate change and how to deal with it, and now he has planted 150 Agroforestry Trees.

He said, “Trocaire helped us get out of poverty by teaching us to plant Agroforestry Trees and now we are self-sufficient in food while before we were hungry due to the effects of climate change and our land was unproductive because we could not get fertilizers, However, as a result of agroforestry Species, our land became fertile.”

According to the Mayor of Nyamagabe District, Mr. Niyomwungeri Hildebland, they are grateful to the partners who helped them to move the people from one stage to another.

He said, “I am grateful to TROCAIRE which has partnered with non-governmental organizations so that our people can get out of isolation and develop. Now they have different skills, especially women because they are the ones who create jobs and provide jobs.”

He went on to say that although this project has ended its activities in the some sectors it worked in this quarter, they have the goal that every citizen where this project worked will be impacted by its activities.

Uwineza Edith is one of the beneficiaries who lives in Ngera sector, Karama village in Nyaruguru district

Trocaire works through non-governmental organizations namely Caritas Diocese of Gikongoro, CDJP Gikongoro, CIU, IPFG and UNICOOPAGI. The activities reached about 20,000 beneficiaries in Nyamagabe, Nyaruguru and Nyanza districts, during the 6 years it has been working there where it spent more than 5 Million Euros (5M Euros) in community projects financing.

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