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A New Generation in Africa: Inauguration of Groundbreaking Youth Training Centers in Angola

Teresa Dias, the minister of Public Administration, Labor, and Social Security, officialy inaugurated the Youth village of Bailundo with local authorities

Yaron Tchwella, Mitrelli CEO: “Education functions as a multiplier factor in economic growth and welfare developmentOur new projects highlight the Angolan government’s effective and impactful investments in education.”

  • New training centers bring total to 9 established,
  • Training centers have supplied 37,000 professional kits,
  • More than 3,000 students have graduated 8 youth villages, creating 300 direct jobs along with thousands of indirect jobs.

January 30, 2023, Angola – Focus Education, part of the Mitrelli Group, has inaugurated two new groundbreaking youth training centers in Angola. The centers are owned by the Ministry of Public Administration, Labor, and Social Security (MAPTSS), with Focus Education responsible for their implementation. Both aim to develop the young generations through Technical and Vocational Education and Training (TVET). Youth unemployment is a significant challenge, and these centers look to enhance the youth of the country by giving them skills and professions to join the labor market.

The Cuíto Provincial Integrated Employment and Vocational Training Center aims to increase employment in different regions, enabling citizens, from young people to adults, to receive training and pursue successful careers and employment. This project is part of the Angolan government’s Action Plan for the Promotion of Employability (PAPE). The PAPE project aims to promote professional development and employability to combat poverty and social exclusion. This facility is one of the many vocational training centers established in Angola by Focus Education, together with several training centers which were renovated. The next center, which is expected to be completed by April 2023, is in Moçamedes, Namibe province.

The new centers – in addition to the seven already established by Focus Education across the country – aim to support citizens from 17 to 40 years through vocational training, distribution of professional kits, and promotion of small business initiatives to promote self-employment in the country. Under the auspices of PAPE, besides the construction and requalification of training centers throughout the country, Focus Education is also responsible for supplying 37,000 professional kits to young people for activities such as carpentry, agriculture, electricity and many other specialties, providing them with the tools needed to earn a livelihood and live a better life.

Teresa Rodrigues Dias, the Minister of Public Administration, Labor, and Social Security, stressed that the citizens who benefit from professional training will become active agents in the development of society and thethe promoters of nation’s wealth.

The Bailundo Youth Village – Rural School for Vocational Education and Training, in the Bailundo Municipality, Huambo province, has a capacity of 320 students, and offers a three-year multidisciplinary training program, including vocational studies in agriculture, livestock, electricity, carpentry, and arts (music and choir), in addition to the formal educational program. The educational potential of this model relies on the exposure of the youth to both teaching activities and a nurturing environment. It is one of 8 youth villages, creating 300 direct jobs, and thousands more indirect jobs in the local economy.
The villages – which have already graduated 3,000 students – aim to provide training and education to disabled youngsters from rural areas who, for several reasons, have been unable to attend regular educational classes. This project allows hundreds of young people to receive alternative training offer that will allow them to enter and successfully compete in the labor market.

The structures are equipped with laboratories, workshops, and state-of-the-art technologies. Participants will live under full boarding conditions in a warm and welcoming environment that provides for their basic needs. Above all, the goal of the Youth Village is to train the most disadvantaged individuals, aged between 15 and 18 years, with quality technical and professional skills.

Local experts and those behind the project highlighted the importance of the new centers, not just to the local community but to the entire continent. These are sustainable educational models to nourish the young generation’s potential.

Yaron Tchwella, Mitrelli CEO, noted. “The Angolan Government has shown significant foresight and provided effective and impactful investment to offer their people in some of the country’s most challenged areas a bright and prosperous future. This is a model which will greatly benefit the local community but can be replicated across Africa, while education functions as a multiplier factor in economic growth and welfare development.

Mitrelli Group views education and vocational training as vital for the promotion of growth and prosperity. Focus Education, its subsidiary for education, carries out educational projects addressing children and youth development through professional training, upskilling and e-learning. From building and equipping facilities to developing curriculum, recruiting, and training staff, it implements turnkey solutions for academic and vocational education, ranging from innovative entrepreneurship centers to vocational training programs.

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