September 22, 2023


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Through The Lens: A Three-Year Campaign

Passengers line up for security check at Wuhan Railway Station in Wuhan, Hubei Province, on 8 April 2020, when the lockdown of the city was lifted (XINHUA)

Starting from January 8, China has downgraded the management of COVID-19 from Class A to Class B because of the development of the pandemic (Omicron variant is becoming less virulent), the increase in vaccination levels, and extensive pandemic prevention experience. As a result, the measures of quarantine for travellers entering the nation and sealed COVID-19 case management have been abolished. Authorities have also dropped quarantine requirement for people infected with novel coronavirus and stopped identifying close contacts or designating high-risk and low-risk areas. This means China has entered a new phase of COVID response, which focuses on protecting people‚Äôs health and preventing severe cases. 

Looking back to the past three years, China has made great efforts in fighting the pandemic that swept across the globe, and always put people’s health and life first during the process. China has raced against time to win the battle against COVID-19 and reduced its impact on economic and social development as much as possible. Standing together through thick and thin, the whole nation has strengthened its confidence in moving forward. Every ordinary individual in the country has shown solidarity and support, contributing to consolidating the hard-won achievements in the fight against the pandemic. China also dispatched medical workers and experts, medical supplies and vaccines to other countries, especially African countries, to assist them. During this three-year battle, everybody was a hero.

At this juncture, ChinAfrica presents a set of photos that capture the memorable moments of the three remarkable years.

A medical worker from the Affiliated Hospital of Guizhou Medical University carries medicines for patients late at night on 7 September 2022 (XINHUA)
A courier delivers supplies to a resident in Guiyang, Guizhou Province, on 8 September 2022 (XINHUA)  
Local people welcome Chinese medical experts dispatched by the Chinese government to assist Burkina Faso to fight COVID-19 in Ouagadougou on 16 April 2020 (XINHUA) 
An elderly receives a COVID-19 vaccine shot in a village in Wenchang, Hainan Province, on 24 December 2022 (XINHUA) 
Medical workers conduct nucleic acid testing in Chongqing on 25 October 2021 (VCG) 
A mobile emergency intelligent pharmacy of traditional Chinese medicine is seen in Sanya, Hainan Province, on 20 August 2022 (XINHUA) 
Workers have supper on a roof of a temporary hospital under construction funded by the central government for treating COVID-19 in Hong Kong Special Administration Region of China on 31 March 2022 (XINHUA) 
A man works in Egypt-based Holding Co. for Biological Products and Vaccines on 6 September 2021. Egypt was the first country to cooperate with China to produce Chinese vaccines in Africa (XINHUA) 
Liu Kai, a medical worker who came from Shanghai to aid Wuhan, moves the ward bed to allow the 87-year-old patient to watch the sunset on 5 March 2020. The senior 
had stayed in the hospital for nearly one month (XINHUA)  
Army medical workers arrive to aid Wuhan, Hubei Province, on 17 February 2020 (XINHUA
Workers of a supermarket unload supplies in a community in Beijing on 14 May 2022 (XINHUA)
Passengers line up for security check at Wuhan Railway Station in Wuhan, Hubei Province, on 8 April 2020, when the lockdown of the city was lifted (XINHUA)
A Nigerian volunteer disinfects elevator buttons in Southwest University in  Chongqing in southwest China on 3 March 2020 (XINHUA) 
A worker of a garment factory makes protective clothing on the production line in Shijiazhuang, Hebei Province, on 17 February 2020 (ZHAI YUJIA) 
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