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The main job of DRC Leaders is to blame Rwanda

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From last year until now, the Democratic Republic of Congo continues to shed tears everywhere that Rwanda is a threat to its security.

In the meantime Rwandan authorities have continued to give the expert views on the root cause of the current SECURITY crisis in the Eastern Democratic Republic of the Congo (RDC) that has on several occasions continued to deteriorate.

Saying that Relations between Rwanda and the DRC are currently the worst in the region can’t be a mistake. Until recently some thought that the current situation could lead to war because of the provocative actions from the DRC.

The DRC government has continued to accuse Rwanda of being the cause of the ongoing insecurity in this vast and mineral rich country.

Rwanda has denied any kind of involvement in DRC crisis which has continued to be a host  for armed groups including FDLR Rebels whose members are made of those who have played a role in the 1994 Genocide against Tutsi in Rwanda.

These elements after fleeing to Democratic Republic of Congo, they have continued to sow the Genocide ideology on DRC Territory until Congolese Banyamulenge became a target being accused to be Rwandan Tutsis Ethnic who want to  take over Congolese land.

In order to save their lives, some of the Congolese Banyamurenge managed to escape to neighboring countries including Rwanda and Uganda where they are hosted in Refugee camps.

These Congolese citizens have kept asking the international community to help them by solving the long standing problem of exclusion from their motherland DRC, a country that should have been taking care of them rather than putting the blame on neighboring countries .

In the last few days, the leaders of the RDC continued to blame Rwanda for being the cause of the problems of insecurity in the Eastern Democratic Republic of Congo.

An example is in the 77th General Assembly of the United Nations, where the President of the Democratic Republic of Congo, Félix Tshisekedi, criticized Rwanda, saying that it is the source of all the security problems his country has been facing for a long time.

In October 2022, the Ambassador representing the DRC to the UN, Georges Nzongola Ntalaja, accused Rwanda of taking monkeys from the Congo forests and using them as its own for tourism purposes.

Not only that, as on January 24, 2023, the Government of the Democratic Republic of Congo issued a statement saying that Rwanda intends to interfere with the elections scheduled for the end of this year after it shot its plane that had entered its airspace.

These accusations and others that are constantly being leveled at Rwanda by senior leaders and people of the RDC who have chosen that line are baseless, according to Alain Mukuralinda, the Deputy Rwandan Government Spokesperson who requested every Rwandan to take steps to expose DRC’s misleading rhetoric on Rwanda.

He said, “At this time, every Rwandan should understand that his country is under attack,”

Mukuralinda asked the youth of Rwanda to put effort into knowing the truth between the DRC and Rwanda so that they can face those who say what they want about their country.”

Although the RDC continues to attack Rwanda, it has shown that it is ready to live with it in peace, but it insists that it will never tolerate any violence from the DRC.

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