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Rwanda Investigation Bureau in search for Kayitana Fred who is suspected of stealing money from a foreign investor

Mr. Kayitana Fred is said to have escaped as the case is under investigation

A Rwandan man called KAYITANA Fred is said to have escaped justice after an investor made the public Mr. Kayitana tricked him and stole $ 72,000 from him. 

According to media reports, an investor  from Norway was sourcing investment opportunities in Rwanda with the help of Rwanda Development Board (RDB) that connected him to a Rwandan named Kayitana Fred to support him as he was not familiar with the district that he was going to invest his money.

Unfortunately,  the investor has reported that Mr. Kayitana Fred tricked him and left with  $ 72,000 around Rwf 78,000,000 after receiving such an amount to start the project on behalf of the investor who was expecting him to be a loyal person that will help him since he was outside Rwanda.

The investor wanted to start a project to breed mainly bulls for meat production.

This project was supposed to be implemented  in the eastern province,  Kayonza district. 

After being connected to Kayitana Fred, I trusted him a lot as someone given by the well known institution. In the beginning, I sent $ 72,000 to start the project and he advised me to buy 50 cows.  He was even sending me the photos on Watsapp to confirm that the business is running well.”

The invesstor added : “And later I  came to Rwanda. I met Fred and asked him to show me what was done.”

However, he said,  Mr. Fred asked me to go and see the cows that were bought. 

He began to lie to me that they were dead, others were eaten by snakes, unfortunately  he was not able to show the remaining amount and even purchased cows.

This foreigner says that he has  immediately reported to the RDB after  discovering that all what Fred was saying  is full of lies. 

The investor was advised to report the case to the Rwanda Investigation Bureau to follow up on the suspect.

In the meantime Kayitana Fred admitted having received the money from this investor. However, he insisted that some cows were dead and others eaten by snakes which caused that loss.

The report said Mr. Kayitana did not report to RIB  because the investor wanted him to be jailed.

The information reaching this website is that Mr. Kayitana seeks to resolve the issue amicably so that he can show how the project  went bankrupt.

Murangira, B. Thierry, the spokesperson of Rwanda Investigation Bureau, confirmed to the media that RIB has already  received the case of this foreigner. 

He said “This complaint is being followed up  by RIB and the victim has been informed of the progress of his case.”

“One suspect was arrested and he returned his money, the other is still being searched.” He said

 He added ”  Fred has  escaped the country and he is being searched because the file arrived at Five months ago.”

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