June 22, 2024


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Rwanda and Benin sign cooperation agreements that could see Rwanda Defense Forces deployed in Sahel Region

Among the highlights of the first day of the visit of the President of Rwanda, Paul Kagame in Benin are the discussions concluded with the signing of cooperation agreements in various sectors including the security sector, where it is possible that the Rwandan army will be sent to this country to fight terrorists especially in Sahel Region.

For many years, Benin has had a problem of insecurity caused by terrorist activities on its border with Burkina Faso and Niger and similar problems in the Sahel Region where it is located.

In October 2022, the Government of Benin announced that it wants to enter into a military agreement with the Government of Rwanda in order to solve these problems of terrorism.

In a press conference that took place on Saturday, President Kagame who arrived in Benin for a two days visit and his counterpart Patrice Guillaume Athanase Talon were asked to shed light on the signed agreement, especially on security cooperation.

President Kagame said that he knows that there are problems of terrorism in West Africa, where Benin is located, but that it is not the only one.

In finding a solution to these problems, President Kagame said that it requires the cooperation of countries both in the region where Rwanda is located and outside it.

He said, “Rwanda has troops in Central Africa, Mozambique, South Sudan and elsewhere. For this reason and our history we have built capacity, [without exaggeration] to be able to solve security problems in cooperation with other countries. In this context, we are ready to cooperate with Benin both in the country and in the region to the best of our ability.”

President Kagame said that apart from Benin, Rwanda can cooperate with other countries in finding solutions to security problems.

The President of Benin, Patrice Talon, said that it is no secret that Benin has security problems from its north and can cooperate with the Rwandan army to find solutions.

He confirmed that it has also gone through a tough time but now its forces have experience in security management.

He said, “The Rwandan army has experience, they have come to Central Africa, Mozambique and other places. Whether it’s civil or military, we can transfer the capabilities to solve the problems we have.”

“We have no limits in that. If there are Rwandans working in Benin in the public sector, why don’t they also work in the military sector? It is being done elsewhere, why is it not being done here?”

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