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The Green Party: Unlocking the Power of Ecological Democracy

As our planet continues to face unprecedented environmental challenges, many are looking for ways to protect and preserve the fragile ecosystems that sustain us all. Enter the Green Party – a political movement that has been at the forefront of promoting ecological democracy and sustainability for decades. But the Green Party is more than just a political entity. According to Agostinho Neto, the co-leader of the United Green Party Movement in Kenya- “it represents a way of life that values environmental responsibility, social justice, and grassroots democracy.”

In this article we talked to Agostinho Neto to delve into the impact of the Green Party on ecology, exploring why it’s so much more than just a political movement.

Agostinho Neto recently participated in the National Congress of the Democratic Green party of Rwanda.

Speaking to TOP AFRICA News, Mr. Agostinho explained that Green parties across the world share a common thread of brotherhood adding that “Green politics is about having politics run on ideology.”

He said “Today we are speaking about ecological democracy, because the ordinary sort of democracy has not responded to the wills of the people.”

Mr. Agostinho explained that “Ecological democracy is about grassroot participation. It’s about the common person in the village speaking to the leaders in a way that the leaders can then be able to respond to their issues.”

“The second issue is also about being responsive to the environment. The world is going through a session of climate change. There’s droughts and floods across the globe. Political party leaders must be those leaders who have policies and principles that will be responding to the issues of climate change.” he added.

He noted that nothing can be done with a tint of greenness.

“You must believe in the ideology, the principle of taking care of environmental conservation, of environmental protection and sustainability. Must be that which is in your blood. It must be in your DNA. And that is what ecological democracy is about.” Explained Mr. Agostinho

He insisted that one must be a democrat who believes both in grassroot democracy and grassroot participation, but also in environmental wisdom.

Why is this important for Democratic Green Party members? 

Mr. Agostinho highlighted that the Democratic Green Party members should be aware that Africa suffers the greatest problem of climate change.

“If you see the problem of climate change, the people suffering floods, the people suffering droughts are in African countries. Rwanda sits on the key issues of refugee migration and climate change are really important things for Africa. Your neighbor with the Congo, your neighbor with Uganda, places that always have a constant influx of refugees. So ecological democracy therefore becomes one of the pillars that the Democratic Green Party of Rwanda needs to take into consideration.” He said.

“We are not here just to run normal politics, because normal politics does not respond to the interests of the African people. But when you have politics run on ideology, like what Democratic Green Party of Rwanda is doing, we think it’s a good thing and that’s the way for Africa.” Mr. Agostinho said.

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