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Crossing borders: Rwanda to host a vibrant cultural festival showcasing four nations’ diversity.

By Justin Kayiranga

Rwanda is set to host a grand cultural festival, where four countries will come together to endorse and celebrate their rich cultural diversity. The festival promises to be a vibrant and captivating event, highlighting the unique traditions, music, art, and cuisine of each participating nation.

The festival, aptly named Nyanza Cultural Hub Festival, will be held in Nyanza district in Southern Province with the aim to foster cultural exchange, strengthen international ties, and promote unity among nations through the shared appreciation of their distinct heritage.

Speaking to TOP AFRICA NEWS, Musinga Ndayishimiye Joseph, the coordinator of Authentic Cultural Organization Rwanda (ACOR) that is organizing entity, said that the festival will bring together four countries namely Rwanda, Burundi, Nigeria and Liberia which will entertain the spectators for two days starting from the 1st up to 2nd July 2023 at Nyanza stadium.

Musinga Ndayishimiye Joseph – ACOR

“Each participating nation will endorse their cultural uniqueness including music instrumentalists, dancing troupes while some countries will be showcasing their cooking styles among others. There shall be a mixture of current and traditional music style so as to help the audience to get entertained.”

Cultural festivals in Nyanza district are not new as this district has been hosting several festivals like annual National Umuganura Day, I Nyanza Twataramye and Gikundiro ku Ivuko which are all organized at the national level. Being the fact that the upcoming festival will be featuring different countries, Nyanza district official in charge of Governance revealed that the district has welcomed the idea and assured the organizers their full support.

“People of Nyanza were used to such shows, but this festival is the first of its kind as it will feature cultures from other countries. On our side as the district, we appreciate such initiatives and will continue to partner with them every year to keep Nyanza being a preferred destination for cultural tourism. Said Théophile Kayigambire in charge of governance, Nyanza district.

It is the first time that Nyanza Cultural Hub Festival is going to be hosted and it is expected to be done every year in the first weekend of July as part of the Rwanda’s celebration of the independence and Liberation Day that take place in the beginning of July every year.

Orchestre Impala, Mavenge Sudi and Indejuru cultural troupe are among the performers who will be representing Rwanda in the festival while Burundi will be represented by their famous drummers.

A large number of attendees, including locals and tourists are expected in this festival based on the fact that other shows that are hosted in Nyanza get attended by a huge number of spectators especially Nyanza residents.

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