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Unveiling the ‘fall of gods’: Rwandan author’s empowering novel delves into women’s empowerment, modernity and civilization

Unveiling the 'Fall of gods' by Francis Byaruhanga, a talented emerging writer from Kigali

In these days of modernity where the echoes of history often fade away, “Fall of gods” emerges as a captivating novel that dares to delve into the lessons of the past.

Authored by Rwandan writer, Francis S. Byaruhanga, this literary masterpiece weaves together a tapestry of women’s empowerment, modernity, and civilization.

The novel ignites our imaginations and inspires us to reflect on our own place in the world.

According to the author “The novel “Fall of gods” is a fictional story that tells an experience of young couples whose backgrounds and behaviours are problematically mired into irreconcilable differences.

The book’s title ‘Fall of gods’ has a metaphorical interpretation indicating the road to the civilization of conservative societies whom the writer demonstrates in a fictitious manner as ‘Mubari people’ who believed in power of deity and witchcraft but later their eyes are forced to open to see what is wrong and right and adopt modernization. 

The historical fiction novel depicts the ancient places of Gisaka and Mubari where the writer demonstrates the inhabitant’s old traditions in contrast to the modern virtues.

The fictitious but real places portrayed in the novel are currently found in the Eastern part of the country in the districts of Kayonza and Nyagatare bordering Tanzania. As part of the writer’s genre, the writer also brings back to life the ancient royal names that parents currently no longer name their children. 

“Fall of gods” is a novel of 278 pages that carries the themes of women’s empowerment, modernity and civilization. 

In the book, Gihanga is a character of a conservative husband clingy to outdated virtues and tradition while his wife Princess Muganwa wants change, revolution and positivism. 

Moral of the book

The book fuses romance and history in a singly weave that portrays the importance of adopting the virtues of positivism thus encouraging shying away from negativity.

The novel is the writer’s debut novel published on Amazon in February and is the first fictional novel written in English in Rwanda.

Francis S. Byaruhanga is a talented emerging writer from Kigali

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