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Protecting Our Little Ones: Urgent Call for Parents in Musanze to Join the Battle Against Measles Outbreak

By Isabella Iradukunda Elisabeth

In Musanze District, as well as in other parts of the country, a week-long vaccination campaign against measles was initiated on Monday, September 11th. The campaign targets babies and children up to seven years old. Due to ongoing measles outbreaks in neighboring countries, community health workers in Rwanda are going door-to-door to vaccinate this specific group.

The Mayor of Musanze District has emphasized the importance of all parents participating in this program to ensure their children receive the measles vaccine.

Mr. Bizimana Hamis stated, “It is a privilege that we, as Rwandans, have that other countries do not. We serve as a role model that is trusted by international organizations. It is important for every mother with young children to participate in receiving the measles vaccination and to encourage others to do the same. No one should be exempt from taking the second vaccine, as it prevents them from spreading the infection to the children who are the future of Rwanda.”

Some parents, who spoke to the media after their children are vaccinated against measles, expressed their immense satisfaction with the protection provided by the vaccine. They said that their children are now receiving a second dose of the vaccine, leading them to feel confident in their children’s immunity against the disease.

Ms. Mushimiyimana E. expressed her satisfaction with the vaccination program, stating, “I am extremely pleased with this vaccination program. I am no longer worried about my child contracting this disease, as we used to worry about it. However, now that they are vaccinated, we are filled with joy.”

Medical experts say that measles is an infectious disease that can cause many problems related to the spine and is a disease that can cause permanent disability and that is why the vaccine has been developed to protect people.

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