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Rising Stars Unveiled: Hope of Family’s Talent Detection Program concludes with the participation of 452 Remarkable Children

On August 15,2023, children supported by Hope of Family held a performance featuring children who had worked during the long holiday as part of the talent detection program. This program includes 452 children across four domains: 144 in reading, 129 in football, 35 in drawing, and 146 in dancing.

All of the children showcased their talents, with the particularly gifted individuals taking their time to play and demonstrate their abilities in front of their parents. Afterwards, there was an office activity where both the children and their parents visited the drawings created by the children. Children explained the drawings to their parents, discussing the techniques used and how they were created.

The activity continued in the hall, where the dancers also showcased their talent in performing various traditional dances. The event concluded with the members of the reading group reading children’s stories, reciting poems, and even performing in a drama.

The children provided various testimonies, illustrating their enjoyment and participation in a program over the past three months during their holidays. They mentioned that they learned a great deal and appreciated how it prevented feelings of loneliness at home. They expressed gratitude towards the Hope of Family NGO for creating this program, which aims to promote their talents.

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Parents are also pleased with this event, stating that they were unaware of their children’s hidden talents. They express their previous uncertainty regarding their children when they were not at home, but now have a greater understanding of their potential. Through their testimonials, parents express a desire for this program to become a permanent fixture as it aids their children in avoiding negative habits.

The event concluded with various Hope of Family leaders encouraging parents to take an active role in their children’s education and encouraging children to participate in this program even in the future.

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