May 24, 2024


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Empowering Children for a Brighter Future: The Incredible School Supply Drive by The Children Empowerment Network Club

The Children Empowerment Network Club provided school supplies to 20 members of the Children Pupils’ Club, which included notebooks, pens, plastic shoes (also known as Boda Boda), and other essential items such as bags and mathematical instruments. This event occurred on Saturday, September 23,2023, at the Don Bosco Kabgayi oratory.

The selected children often face difficulties in providing themselves and their families with the necessary resources for school. The Children Empowerment Network Club conducts an annual campaign to help eliminate the causes of school dropout.

The Children Empowerment Network, also known as The Shields of Children, is a local initiative led by the Youth of Muhanga District in the Southern Province. The group came together in 2018 with the goal of combating all forms of violence against children and the violation of their rights. The initiative drew inspiration from the preventive-based education system of Saint Jean Bosco, which provided moral support.

The children who received the equipment were extremely pleased with the generous gesture from the club and vowed to devote themselves and excel in their studies. A significant portion of these children have discontinued their education due to diverse issues, such as family disputes, poverty, bullying, and domestic violence…

Ms. Coppens Gisele, one of the members of the club spoke to the children and urged them to set goals in their lives in order to prepare for a better future. “Although I haven’t reached 100% yet, I have achieved success through hard work and prayer,” she said. “You must also put in the effort and pray for your wishes and dreams to come true.”

The club coordinator, TWIZEYIMANA Emmanuel, spoke to the children and expressed gratitude for their performance in the2022-2023 school year. He also encouraged them to maintain good behavior in the upcoming2023-2024 school year, in order to contribute towards a better future.

He stated, “You all informed me that your aspirations are to become leaders of the country, doctors, teachers, priests, policemen, and football players. However, it is important to understand that none of these ambitions can be achieved without putting in the necessary effort.” Continuing, he addressed the fact that a few among them resided in less favorable areas where they gave them bad names such as Mayiboba, Marine, etc..

“This is the opportune time to rectify such unfavorable labels, as you must assertively advocate for your rights.”

 He further conveyed to them that there exist elements in an individual’s existence that are not to be sought from external sources, rather they are bestowed upon oneself; namely trust, love, respect, and value.

 “If one harbors trepidation towards these virtues and their subsequent actions, it becomes imperative to undertake any possible measures to institute transformative alterations in one’s life.” He said

In this activity, the children got enough time to play, socialize, and share with the members of the Children Empowerment Network club.

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