May 20, 2024


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Transforming Lives and Shattering Barriers: Hope of Family’s Youth’s Economic Empowerment Program Brings New Opportunities to vulnerable youths

Through the Hope of Family’s “Youth’s Economic Empowerment Program”, on Friday, September 22,2023, the Hope of Family NGO donated a variety of school equipment to vulnerable young people who have been unable to attend school or complete high school. The purpose of this donation is to enable them to enroll in Technical and Vocational Training Courses. 

About 48 young people were assisted. Those who received assistance in obtaining equipment were first trained in the areas of entrepreneurship skills, leadership skills, and reproductive health. These trainings are provided to enhance their cognitive abilities and aid them in selecting the appropriate field of study, ensuring they derive maximum benefit upon completion of the course.

These young individuals will receive support for one year in vocational training, after which they can enter the job market to secure a means of living. They have selected professions in tailoring, construction, carpentry, and welding. The Hope of Family NGO has provided the essential equipment for each person, enabling them to begin their studies with a solid foundation and successfully pursue their education.

The goal of Hope of Family is to help young people who haven’t had the chance to continue their education return to school. The aim is to teach them vocational skills, create job opportunities, and enable them to develop themselves. Additionally, this initiative aims to assist their families in fighting poverty. The youth expressed gratitude towards the Hope of Family NGO for providing them with the opportunity to learn vocational skills. They promised to study diligently, complete their education, and ultimately become successful entrepreneurs.

They also mentioned that Hope of Family NGO assisted them in restoring their self-confidence. Prior to receiving the opportunity to learn vocational skills, they felt idle and purposeless. Consequently, they now perceive themselves as individuals who have discovered a renewed sense of life.

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