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Griffith Foods Rwanda, Radisson Blu Hotel and Marriott Hotel join forces with Esther’s Aid School to Celebrate Food and Community

KIGALI, Rwanda – Esther’s Aid School, a renowned Culinary Arts School in Rwanda, has brought together Griffith Foods Rwanda, Radisson Blu Hotel and Marriott Hotel to celebrate food and give back to the community.

The event, held on Friday, October 13th, and Saturday, October 14th, aimed to promote local cuisine and provide meals to children at Kacyiru Primary School 1, as well as the surrounding community.

During the event, Griffith Foods Rwanda provided fresh produce and ingredients for Esther’s Aid to compliment the meals provided by Radisson and Marriott Hotels. The Chef Manifesto also participated. 

The purpose of the Global Plate Campaign is to share a meal with those who need it, also to show the power of food in bringing communities together. 

The festivities began on Friday, as the School Management and students of Esther’s Aid School eagerly prepared a delicious feast for the children at Kacyiru Primary School.

Each child received a generous portion of locally produced food, prepared with love and expertise by the talented culinary students. To complement the meal, the children were also treated to refreshing soda, creating a memorable dining experience for them.

On Saturday, the event continued in the same spirit, but this time, the focus shifted to the wider community. The food distribution took place at Kacyiru Primary School, extending the celebration to parents and youth residing in the area.

The collaborative effort between Esther’s Aid School, Griffith Foods, Radisson Blu Hotel, and Marriott Hotel ensured that everyone within the community had the opportunity to savor the culinary delights.

The event aimed to not only celebrate food but also foster a sense of unity and togetherness. The collaboration between Esther’s Aid School and the renowned hotels highlights the importance of collective action in making a positive impact on society.

Speaking about the event, the Director of Esther’s Aid School, Claire Effiong, said, “We are promoting the use of local food because not many people can afford to import food.”

She added that “We are aware that local food is nutritious, which is why chefs and nutritionists have designed meals using local ingredients to ensure that children are properly nourished. By observing their content, you can see the positive impact of this food.”

The joint effort by Esther’s Aid, Griffith Foods and Hotels showcased the commitment to supporting the local community and promoting Rwanda’s rich culinary heritage.

“We are merely raising awareness. Firstly, when you go to the market, you purchase your beans, dodo, potatoes, and any other locally available produce. If you can consume these items, they provide excellent nutrition. It is not necessary to have a large sum of money to do so because although meat is acceptable, eggs can also be consumed.” Ms. Effiong explained.

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