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Forging Stronger Bonds: Rwanda and Russia Mark 60th Anniversary with Thriving Technological and Scientific Exchange

Rwanda and Russia celebrated the 60th anniversary of their diplomatic relations, with both sides prioritizing further expansion into areas including technology and scientific research.

The celebration of the 60th anniversary of this diplomatic ties took place in Kigali on Tuesday evening, October 17.

The ambassador of Russia in Rwanda, Karén Chalyan, said that during his five years in Rwanda, he was happy with the way he was received and the kindness shown to him by the Rwandans.

Karén said that there are many international articles that both countries see in the same way “and act in the same way”.

He said, “And we understand the side each country stands on. This is important for any diplomat in any country.”

Ambassador Karén said that Russia respects the views of Rwanda and that his country does not go into matters related to principles or the lives of others, such as those related to the sovereignty of the country in its decisions and non-interference in the lives of others when it comes to human rights issues.

He praised the way the Rwandan Army and the Police conduct their work to restore peace around the world, saying that as one of those who worked in the UN mission, he appreciates them and “I am happy to have worked near them”.

“Today we see them doing a good job in Central Africa, South Sudan and Mozambique,” he said.

He said that Rwandans are trained in piloting at military bases, and show excellent behavior.

He continued, “I am happy to announce today that the work we are doing together in the field of nuclear energy is progressing well and according to the schedule.”

Nuclear research and nuclear energy have shown that it will contribute to the development of Rwanda’s economy in terms of health, agriculture and others.

The Permanent Secretary in the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Rwanda, Clementine Mukeka, said that in 1963 Rwanda and Russia decided to establish relations with the aim of expanding cooperation.

Since then, the two countries have achieved a lot, cooperating in various ways for the development of the people. Among these areas of development, there are education, energy, peace and security and others.

She said, “Russian universities have welcomed thousands of Rwandan students, who have contributed to the development of Rwanda. We have also received a good plan to start offering Russian language to Rwandan students, and this is an important partnership between our people.”

In terms of health, she said that there was a cooperation, where Rwandan doctors have been trained in Russia. It is in the context of peace and security, there is cooperation between the two countries in solving problems that threaten security, including terrorism.

She said, “Today, Russia and Rwanda are built on a strong foundation that can be supported by continuing to develop relations and I hope that our relations will continue to grow and expand, moving in another constructive direction in the field of technology, scientific research, we talked about and energy, something Russia has experience in.”

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