May 20, 2024


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Rwanda’s Own Luccin Charly Iraguha Joins SPIRE Academy in Pursuit of Soccer Greatness

Luccin Charly Iraguha: Photo Credit: SPIRE Academy

A Dream Began in Childhood

Luccin’s love for soccer started when was seven years old, ignited by his father’s passion for the game. Seeing his enthusiasm, combined with hours of watching soccer on television sparked Luccin’s desire to emulate his heroes. He started playing for his school team, and discovered joy in the game, playing with his friends. As he grew older, his ambition to take soccer to the next level grew stronger.

When Luccin was 12, he joined Dream Team Academy in Rwanda. There he trained rigorously and sharpened his skills. His passion and hard work eventually caught the attention of recruiters from the USA, who were scouting talent.

The Leap to the United States

His soccer career reached a significant turning point when he was 15 and moved to the United States with plans to further his soccer journey. While explaining the difference between soccer in Rwanda and the United States, Luccin emphasized that soccer in Rwanda is more about having fun and building community. In contrast, the United States places a higher emphasis on professional training, infrastructure and competitiveness, providing opportunities for athletes like him to work hard and reach their full potential.

Joining SPIRE Academy

Luccin’s introduction to SPIRE Academy occurred during a soccer match at the academy. There he met Technical Director and Head Coach Sean Lane. It was Coach Lane’s vision for the program and his friendly approach that convinced Luccin that SPIRE was the right place to train and grow as a soccer player.

The transition from Grand River Academy to SPIRE Academy was challenging, however, Luccin quickly adapted to the rigorous schedule at SPIRE, where he balances soccer training with academic responsibilities.

First Impressions of SPIRE Academy

Upon arriving at SPIRE, Luccin was struck by the state-of-the-art facilities, which far exceeded anything he had experienced in Rwanda. The top-notch infrastructure, including recovery rooms and various sports facilities, is a testament to SPIRE’s commitment to helping student athletes maintain performance in their pursuit of excellence.

Goals and Future Plans

For this season, Luccin has set a personal goal of leading his team by personally scoring at least 20 goals or 10 assists this season. He also strives to help SPIRE’s soccer team reach the nationals, building on their semifinal performance from the previous year.

Luccin is a hard working student with hopes of attending college and continuing to play soccer. He plans to build a strong future for himself by majoring in business and marketing.

After college Luccin wants to play for an American team in the Major League Soccer where he will contribute to the continued growth of the sport in the United States. Ultimately, he also wants to represent his home country, Rwanda, in international competitions as a member of their national team.

Pride and Dedication

Luccin’s remarkable journey to SPIRE Academy is filled with dedication, passion and hard work. SPIRE is proud of Luccin and supports his ambitions and looks forward to continuing to support his development as a soccer player. Sean Lane, Luccin’s coach at SPIRE Academy, aptly summarizes this, saying, “Luccin has joined a talented and committed group of players at Spire, all the boys want to move on and up in the world of soccer. We are helping them understand that it takes hard work, commitment plus talent to succeed not just in soccer but in life.”


SPIRE Academy is a comprehensive academic, athletic, personal skills and career development experience located within a world class event and wellness complex. Constructed on more than 800 acres and 850,000 sq. ft. under roof, SPIRE ( encompasses four divisions: SPIRE Academy, an accredited college preparatory international boarding school and multi-sport/specialty training and development academy for 9-12 graders and a post grad program; SPIRE Institute, the research and development arm studying performance improvement across multiple disciplines; SPIRE Events, a facility and team that hosts local, national and international tournaments and events with the NCAA, the Big East, Big Ten and Atlantic 10 conferences, Olympic trials and world championship qualifiers; and SPIRE Fit, a community membership-based fitness, swim and health center open to the public. Sports currently featured on campus include swimming, track and field, basketball, esports, drone racing, wrestling, soccer and lacrosse.

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