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Hope of Family NGO attended OC 2023 Conference: An opportunity to build strong Partnership

Dominican Republic, OCTOBER 15-19, 2023: Hope of Family NGO, a prominent organization operating in Muhanga District, Southern Province of Rwanda, recently attended the OC 2023 conference which took place in Dominican Republic, from OCTOBER 15-19, 2023, representing East Africa as one of the partners funded by the Woven Foundation.

The four-day global gathering provided a unique opportunity for the team to connect with like-minded individuals and organizations who share their commitment to making a positive impact in society.

As representatives of Hope of Family, they were honored to be among the local NGOs supported by the Woven Foundation.

The OC 2023 conference aimed to bring people together to work collaboratively on improving their respective organizations’ efforts for the betterment of society. The main focus was on creating friendships, exchanging ideas, and finding new ways to tackle social challenges.

Opportunity Collaboration, the group behind the conference, emphasized the importance of networking and sharing best practices. They encouraged participants to explore partnership opportunities, collaborate on exciting projects, and discuss innovative ideas.

According to Ms. Uwamahoro Madeleine, the Director of Administration and Finance, “the event provided a platform for attendees to connect with influential individuals and raise awareness about their respective missions and initiatives.”

She said that “The participation of Hope of Family in OC 2023 has opened doors for potential collaborations and partnerships.”

Recognizing the importance of these newfound connections, Ms. Uwamahoro proposed scheduling a meeting with colleagues to delve deeper into the outcomes of the conference.

“This strategic approach will allow us to leverage these connections for the benefit of Hope of Family and further advance their mission.” She said,

Overall, Ms. Uwamahoro expressed her gratitude for the opportunity to attend OC 2023 and highlighted the positive impact it will have on Hope of Family’s ongoing efforts to reduce extreme poverty through children’s education.

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