May 20, 2024


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Rwanda and Poland Collaborate to Boost Dairy Sector with €23 Million Financing Agreement

Rwanda and Poland have formalized a significant financing agreement worth EUR 23 million to fortify Rwanda’s dairy sector. The collaboration aims to enhance milk production capabilities, reduce milk losses caused by inadequate storage, and improve access to dairy products.

The financing agreement, signed by representatives from both countries, will facilitate the procurement of milk cooling systems from Faspol, a renowned Polish manufacturer specializing in dairy equipment. This step is crucial to support Rwanda’s local milk collection points and alleviate challenges associated with improper milk storage.

Under the agreement, nearly 400 milk cooling installations will be delivered to various milk collection points across Rwanda. These installations will provide essential infrastructural support to ensure that milk is stored at optimal temperatures, thereby reducing spoilage and increasing overall production capabilities.

The implementation of the cooling systems is expected to significantly reduce milk losses, which have been a persistent issue in the country’s dairy sector. By improving storage conditions, Rwanda aims to enhance the quality and shelf life of its dairy products, ultimately benefiting both producers and consumers.

Increased access to dairy products is another key objective of this collaboration. With improved production capabilities, the availability of quality dairy products in Rwanda is expected to rise. This will not only enhance food security but also contribute to the economic growth of the country’s dairy industry.

The financing agreement signifies the commitment of both Rwanda and Poland to foster bilateral cooperation and strengthen their economic ties. The collaboration also presents an opportunity for Poland to showcase its expertise in the dairy sector and bolster its presence in the Rwandan market.

Both Rwanda and Poland are optimistic that this collaboration will yield long-lasting benefits for the dairy industry, promoting sustainable growth and ensuring a reliable supply of high-quality dairy products for the people of Rwanda.

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