April 18, 2024


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Eddy Kenzo on why he’s cutting ties with media; set to launch own podcast

Ugandan award-winning musician Eddy Kenzo says he is reducing his interaction with the media.

The singer claims that during his fifteen years in the music business, all he has encountered from the media has been hate, animosity, and slander, and as a result, he has chosen to back off.

“I have reached a stage where I cannot do interviews anymore,” Kenzo said in an interview with TV host and YouTuber Ruth Kalibbala.

Kenzo says his enemies are using journalists to divert him from his path. He claims that many journalists are paid to ask him questions that will only damage his reputation with the general public.

“Everywhere you look, there’s a reporter following you; whenever they get the chance to ask you a question, it’s always in the best interest of the other people who sent him,” he said.

“Even when you take him aside and ask why he is asking you such twisted questions, he will tell you he has been instructed to ask those specific questions. Now I have to avoid that person because he himself has no issue with you but it is his bosses in his ear.” he added.

Having grown up on the streets without parental guidance, Kenzo is currently the President of the Uganda National Musician Federation (UNMF) and a self-made, internationally recognized artist.

However, he claims that in his entire career, he has never once enjoyed a media interview.

Reporters only want to ask him about his ex-lover Rema and the never-ending arguments in the industry, he claims, not how he developed his prosperous career and escaped the fate of most street kids.

He claims that journalists have accused him of killing the people he loved the most at least twice in the past.

He says that first a journalist asked him if he was involved in the 2015 bike accident death of one of the Triplets dance group’s kids, Alex Ssempijja.

Then in October last year, following the death of his elder brother, Mande Hassan Kiwalabye, he says a reporter questioned him on whether he was involved in the murder.

Kenzo says he’s going to avoid confrontations with reporters by staying away from them.

He says that instead, he will launch his own platform where he will interact with his followers directly.

He declared, “You will see me starting my own podcast in not a distant future so I can speak my own mind or interview other people and ask the real questions that matter.”

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