June 17, 2024


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Through BENINGANZO Drama Team, EU in Rwanda deploys Theatre-Based Campaign to Encourage Community to Eliminate Biases

By Ange de la Victoire DUSABEMUNGU

Rwanda -As the country launches the 16 Days of Activism to promote gender equality and eliminate biases, the European Union (EU) in Rwanda has deployed a theatre-based campaign in collaboration with the Ministry of Gender and Family Promotion to educate and entertain local communities while conveying important messages about gender-based violence (GBV), corruption, and environmental protection.

Rwanda’s Minister of Gender and Family Promotion, Dr. Valentine Uwamariya launching the 16 Days of Activism against GBV

The campaign was launched in Ntarama, Bugesera District on Saturday, where a large crowd gathered to witness the performance.

The main characters of the play were Mrs. Siperansiya, also known as Intare y’Ingore (The female lion), and Mr. Gasasira, the husband who played the role of an offender of various kinds.

The audience was captivated by the drama team as they effectively conveyed messages about GBV, urging the community to hold perpetrators accountable.

As the play unfolded, the crowd’s attention grew, and they applauded when the culprits were arrested on stage. This demonstration served as a powerful reminder that anyone involved in any form of violence should face consequences for their actions.

The play also addressed other pressing issues, such as corruption and the importance of protecting the environment.

The event brought together a diverse audience, including ministers, UN institutions, development partners, security agencies, youth, adults, and children.

Thanks to the EU’s support for theatre-based initiatives, this event successfully engaged and educated a wide range of individuals on important social issues.

Speaking about the campaign, Ms. Siperansiya expressed her gratitude to the EU and MIGEPROF to use theatre as a medium to communicate important messages.

She stated, “Theatre has a unique ability to captivate and engage audiences. Through our performances, we hope to raise awareness, challenge biases, and inspire positive change within our communities.”

The EU’s theatre-based campaign in Rwanda marks another step forward in promoting gender equality and addressing pressing social issues.

By combining education and entertainment, these performances serve as a powerful tool for fostering dialogue and creating a more inclusive and equitable society.

As the campaign continues to tour different communities across Rwanda, it is hoped that the messages conveyed through theatre will resonate with audiences and inspire collective action towards a more just and equal society.

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