June 20, 2024


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Zari Hassan issued a warning about ex-boyfriends as she weighs in on King Saha and Feffe Bussi song  

Recently, the rapper Feffe Bussi and the soothing hitmaker King Saha released a remix of their song, Pretty Pretty.

King Saha sings about a girl he once dated who left him because his career was taking off in the song, which he claims is based on a true story.

“Nothing is coming out of your hustle,” The crooner remembers what his ex-girlfriend told him, belting out the lyrics filled with depressing memories. “You’ve released a number of songs but we are not listening to them.”

The story goes that after he succeeds, the girl returns, but he ignores her.

In a TikTok video, Zari included the song and informed her followers, “That they’ve sung for you songs about exes.”

She added another caption: “Those sons of Pharoah moved on, you never existed to them…”

A commenter asked, “Am I the only one who doesn’t even think about my ex-partners?”

Another comment reads, “We their exes moved on.”

Another commented: “True mama sons of pharaoh moved on long time. love u tho.”

Someone else made fun of her: “Am [sic] going to translate everything for Diamond.”

Zari Hassan, who is currently wed to Shakib Lutaaya, has a lot of experience with ex-partners because she has been in several relationships, two of which resulted in children.

King Saha, first released the song eight years ago and it was produced by Ark Menz, who also goes by Meddie Menz, and is well-known for directing music videos.

The remix, which Nessim recorded, is currently the most viewed video on Feffe Bussi’s YouTube channel after it was uploaded.

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