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Tragic Discovery: Newborn Baby Found Dead in Rwanda University Garbage Dump!

On the morning of December 1, 2023, at the University of Rwanda, Huye Branch, a newborn baby was discovered dead in a garbage dump. The baby was found near a building that accommodates female students known as Benghazi. The cleaning worker assigned to the Benghazi building came across the tragic sight while inspecting the waste disposal equipment, and was taken aback to find an 8-month-old baby boy dead.

Those who arrived at the scene reported that the baby was exceptionally at good stage and expected to survive, leading them to believe that the baby may have been squeezed by her mother after birth. One of the cleaners, who chose not to reveal their identity, stated, “The students keep secrets from each other and are aware of one another. The baby was fully developed and may have cried loudly upon delivery, so they may have heard it. It is possible that the mother immediately killed the baby after giving birth.”

The investigation department took away the baby’s body while they search for the person involved.

One of the girls studying at the University of Rwanda , told Imvaho Nshya that as soon as the information became known, the staff of the Rwanda Investigation Bureau (RIB) immediately arrived and took them out of their dormitory.

They stayed outside for some time, and it is said that the girl who was arrested may be studying in the first year of the University, because they are the ones staying in the Benghazi hostel.

The girls also said that they were shocked to see their colleague commit such a crime and know that it is a crime punishable by law.

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