July 18, 2024


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Paths to Peace: Museveni’s Urgent Call for Talks with M23 Rebels

Ugandan President Museveni urged Tshisekedi to engage in talks with M23 rebels to find a peaceful resolution.

The call for Rwanda to end its alleged support for M23 underscores the significance of regional actors upholding commitments to peace and security.

The M23’s withdrawal from key positions and their concerns regarding the Congolese army point to the complexities of addressing armed groups and ensuring stability in the region.

The recent UN special adviser’s visit to eastern DR Congo highlights the enduring impact of historical violence and the need for sustained efforts to address its legacies.

In 1994, after the Genocide against the Tutsi, the remnants of genocidal forces found refuge in DRC, later uniting as the FDLR, attacking Rwanda without international intervention.

President Tshisekedi’s alliance with genocidal forces during the RCD rebellion raised concerns about the misuse of former Rwandan army members and militias, leading to regional tensions.

The call between Blinken and Tshisekedi highlighted the urgency for the M23 to withdraw and disarm in line with the Luanda Communique, emphasizing the need for all parties to fulfill their obligations.

With over 130 armed groups contributing to insecurity in eastern DR Congo, the need for concerted efforts to cease collaboration with non-state armed groups is paramount.

Concerns grow over Kinshasa’s reliance on military power instead of diplomatic solutions to the M23 conflict.

Provincial MPs in North Kivu province have urged President Tshisekedi to use FDLR’s armed men to fight M23 in exchange for helping FDLR invade the Rwandan territory.

When Tshisekedi talks about war with Rwanda, he seems to forget existing peace agreements. Disregarding these accords risks compromising regional security.

Rwanda, accused of supplying weapons to groups operating in the DRC, highlights baseless war rhetoric. Cooperation is essential for stability.

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