April 13, 2024


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Burundi’s Buntu Television Gives Voice to Orphans and Widows

On 5th January 2024, the Head of State of Burundi, Evariste Ndayishimiye, proudly inaugurated Buntu Television, Voice of Orphans and Widows.

The groundbreaking television station, located in Buye, Ngozi province, is a remarkable initiative by the Buntu Foundation, led by Denise Bucumi, the Former First Lady of Burundi.

With its launch, Buntu Television aims to provide a platform for orphans and widows to share their stories, struggles, and achievements with the nation.

This innovative project seeks to empower these marginalized groups, giving them a voice in society and highlighting their invaluable contributions.

During the inauguration ceremony, President Ndayishimiye expressed his admiration for the Buntu Foundation’s efforts in uplifting the lives of orphans and widows. He emphasized the importance of inclusivity and social justice, stating that Buntu Television would play a crucial role in ensuring their voices are heard.

Denise Bucumi, known for her tireless advocacy for the rights of vulnerable communities, spoke passionately about the goals and vision behind Buntu Television. She emphasized that the station would not only shed light on the challenges faced by orphans and widows but also celebrate their resilience and achievements.

Buntu Television plans to broadcast a wide range of programs catering to diverse interests. The channel will feature documentaries showcasing inspiring stories of orphans and widows who have overcome adversity, as well as discussions on important social issues affecting these communities.

With its dedication to giving voice to orphans and widows, this groundbreaking initiative promises to redefine the media landscape, fostering empathy, understanding, and solidarity among all citizens.

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