June 20, 2024


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Michael Jackson’s Hand Drawn, Signed Art Is Finally Up For Sale By Kings Auctions.

 Most people know Michael Jackson primarily as the “King of Pop”, a global icon, and of course one of the most talented performers however he also had impressive drawing skills. The collection of his drawings are valued in the millions and will be offered for sale by Kings Auctions.

The first mention of Michael’s drawing talent goes back to the Jackson 5. In his autobiography, Moonwalk, the singer recalls his love for drawing when he was a child. When the Jackson boys were staying at Diana Ross’ house, she encouraged them to develop their artistic skills which was another step towards Michaels talent in drawing. According to Michaels mother, she remembers that Michael loved art. He loved paintings, watercolors, and of course crayons. When in school one of Michael’s drawings was placed in front of the yearbook.

Jacksons drawings have been stored for many years, with the exception of a few private sales to some A list celebrity fans and CEOs.

Kings Auctions Beverly Hills in partnership with Kings Auctions Las Vegas has now been chosen to present Jackson’s art work to the world. Kings Auctions is not your average auction house, Kings offers specialty offerings in the world of art, jewels, and rare collections.

Jacksons art collection, deemed “The Museum Collection” will be offered for sale at an exclusive invitation only event in early 2024. To date the inventory includes approximately 100 pcs.

The collection is open to a one price offer or will be sold as individual pieces. Each piece of art is guaranteed to be created and personally signed by Michael and of course comes with a COA along with a certificate of signature verification.

In 2011 Jackson donated a collection of sketches to the Children’s Hospital of Los Angeles. Jackson would be pleased to know that a portion of the proceeds of the sale of his art collection will be donated to the hospital as well as other key charities.

Kings Auctions will release the offering date during the reveal of the collection coming in 2024.

Collectors of Jackson’s art already include Cher, Raiders owner Mark Davis, and other notable friends and celebrities.

This is an extremely rare opportunity as the art has never been offered to anyone other than family and close friends.

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