July 18, 2024


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Adoption of technology critical to tackling healthcare challenges in Africa

Leaders from around the world have underscored the critical role of technology adoption in confronting the healthcare challenges that Africa faces. This significant message was prominently featured at a breakfast event, co-organized by GAVI and hosted in collaboration with the Nigeria’s Ministry of Communications, Innovation, and Digital Economy, as well as Zipline, during the prestigious World Economic Forum held in Davos, Switzerland.

The gathering brought together influential figures from the healthcare sector, academia, and governmental spheres and served as a platform to emphasize the immediate requirement for creative solutions aimed at enhancing healthcare accessibility and outcomes throughout the African continent.

Nigeria’s Minister of Communications, Innovation, and Digital Economy, Honorable Bosun Tijani underscored the urgent need to empower governments with technology, urging increased investments to connect and equip people with access to vital information. He stressed the significance of establishing ecosystems that can nurture and scale innovation to tackle Africa’s multifaceted challenges. Notably, he pointed to Rwanda’s success, where the government’s proactive efforts laid the groundwork for an innovative ecosystem that effectively addressed the country’s challenges.

Key to the discussion was the pressing need for enhanced connectivity in various regions. Despite the presence of numerous facilities, inadequate connectivity has hampered development potential. Hon. Tijani emphasized the necessity of focusing on building the infrastructure required to support these investments, ensuring they reach their full potential.

The push for healthcare technology adoption coincided with Zipline’s introduction of drone technology for the distribution of essential medical supplies in Nigeria. Three states—Kaduna, Cross River, and Bayelsa—have partnered with the global drone technology company, Zipline, to swiftly transport critical medical products, including vaccines, blood, and medications, to remote communities.

Zipline’s drones have impressively reduced the travel time for a journey of approximately 3 hours by road to a mere 35 minutes. This innovation has demonstrated its capacity to significantly enhance healthcare quality, patient outcomes, and the satisfaction of healthcare providers. Consequently, many governments are considering Zipline’s technology as a valuable addition to their aerial logistics systems, simplifying their efforts to improve healthcare access.

Hon. Tijani commended investments like Zipline’s as vital drivers of technological advancement and its application for development. He emphasized that by investing in essential infrastructure and nurturing supportive ecosystems, Africa can effectively address its challenges and expedite its overall development.

The event, themed ‘Innovation at Scale: Ensuring Health and Prosperity,’ featured prominent figures who shared their insights on harnessing technology and innovation to confront Africa’s challenges. Contributors unanimously stressed the pivotal role of technology and innovation in addressing these issues while highlighting the need for collaborative efforts to empower governments and prioritize investments in healthcare and vaccine development, thereby fostering positive change across the continent.

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