June 19, 2024


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Xlife Sciences AG Expands Collaboration with Department of Health Abu Dhabi, Partners with Thermo Fisher Scientific and Masdar City

Xlife Sciences AG is excited to announce the expansion of its existing collaboration with the Department of Health Abu Dhabi, now joined by Thermo Fisher Scientific and Masdar City. This expanded partnership builds on the successful collaboration initiated in 2023, further enhancing Abu Dhabi’s standing as a global healthcare and life sciences hub.
The Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) extends beyond the initial collaboration, now integrating Thermo Fisher Scientific’s expertise along the pharmaceutical value chain and Masdar City’s sustainable infrastructure. This strategic alliance represents a holistic approach to fostering life sciences innovation, clinical research, and entrepreneurship.

Key aspects of the expanded partnership include:

Building on a Strong Foundation: Leveraging the existing collaboration with the Department of Health Abu Dhabi to bring more comprehensive solutions in life sciences.

Lab Supply and Infrastructure Support: Thermo Fisher Scientific’s involvement ensures access to top-tier support from early stages towards clinical trials, while Masdar City provides a sustainable infrastructure conducive to innovation.

Diverse Expertise for Holistic Development: Each partner plays a vital role, offering unique contributions from healthcare regulation to scientific resources and eco-friendly urban development.

Oliver R. Baumann, CEO of Xlife Sciences AG, comments: «This partnership not only marks a significant milestone for Xlife Sciences AG but also for the global life sciences community. By combining our strengths with those of our esteemed partners, we are setting a new standard for innovation, research, and sustainable development in the life sciences sector.»

Xlife Sciences AG is committed to this robust collaboration, promising a future of groundbreaking discoveries and advancements in healthcare technologies. This alliance offers investors a unique opportunity to engage with future-oriented technologies at the forefront of life sciences innovation.
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