June 19, 2024


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Launch of the Africa Hospitality Consultants firm: A new pillar in the African hotel industry

A new era is dawning in the world of hospitality in Africa with the launch of Africa Hospitality Consultants founded on the principle of excellence and innovation, this hospitality management consulting firm aims to redefine standards and elevate the industry to new heights.

Africa Hospitality Consultants represents much more than just a company: it is a vision, a shared passion for African hospitality and its unlimited potential. With a team of experienced experts, Africa Hospitality Consultants offers tailor-made solutions to meet the unique challenges faced by players in the hospitality industry on the continent.

In conjunction with the launch of the firm, the Africa Hospitality Club comes into existence, providing an exclusive platform for networking, knowledge sharing and growth opportunities for hospitality and tourism professionals in Africa. The Africa Hospitality Club is much more than just a professional network: it is a dynamic community, an ecosystem where ideas flourish and partnerships are forged.

The February Edition of Africa Hospitality Magazine

To complement this innovative initiative, Africa Hospitality Consultants also announces the launch of Africa Hospitality Magazine, a leading publication dedicated to exploring trends, best practices and inspiring stories in the world of African hospitality. The magazine serves as a forum for thought leaders, innovators and industry pioneers, providing a behind-the-scenes look at hospitality in Africa.

“We are excited to introduce Africa Hospitality Consultants, the Africa Hospitality Club and Africa Hospitality Magazine to the world,” says Oudjah Simpa Fetter, Founder and Managing Director. “Our goal is to boost the development of the hospitality industry in Africa, create bridges between sector players and shed a light on the talent and innovation that define our continent. »

Africa Hospitality Consultants, the Africa Hospitality Club and Africa Hospitality Magazine embody the spirit of African hospitality in all its diversity, cultural richness and dynamism. Together, they are blazing new trails toward a future where excellence is the norm and possibilities are endless.

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