April 19, 2024


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Spiro Rwanda Announces Landmark Partnership with Jali, Expanding Its Pan-African Smart Energy Ecosystem

[Kigali, Rwanda] – Spiro, Africa’s largest EV company, is thrilled to announce its latest partnership with Jali, which will accelerate the adoption of sustainable mobility solutions in Rwanda and cement Spiro’s commitment to fostering a Pan-African smart energy ecosystem.

Building on previous collaborations with Bboxx in Rwanda, and following in the footsteps of recent successful partnerships with Mogo and Watu in Kenya, Spiro continues to weave a network of strategic alliances across the continent. These partnerships are pivotal in Spiro’s mission to enhance access to clean energy and sustainable transportation.

“Jali’s extensive experience and respected standing in Rwanda’s financial sector, combined with Spiro’s innovative EV solutions, promise to drive unprecedented growth in the country’s green mobility sector.” said Arunkumar Bhandari – Head of Spiro in Rwanda

A Partnership for Progress

The union with Jali, renowned for its robust asset financing solutions, signifies a leap forward in making EV technology accessible to a broader segment of the Rwandan population. 

Extending the Ecosystem

This partnership aligns with Spiro’s overarching strategy to develop a comprehensive Pan-African smart energy ecosystem. By integrating cutting-edge technology with practical financial solutions, Spiro and its partners are setting new benchmarks for sustainability and innovation in Africa. 

Spiro offers riders a cheaper, smarter, and cleaner way to travel by allowing them to swap batteries in under a minute before continuing with their journeys. There’s no waiting for batteries to charge up at home, and none of the noise and smell of an old ICE bike. 

With 12,000 electric motorbikes in Benin,Togo, Rwanda and Kenya, Spiro is increasing its foothold across Africa, and recently celebrated its 7 millionth battery swap. 

“We have 40,000 swapable batteries in operation, and Spiro’s in house State of Charge technology model ensures we understand the condition of each individual battery, at all times. It’s another example of  Spiro’s relentless focus on safety of batteries which we continue to develop here in our dedicated tech team in Pune, India” said Yogesh Dipankar – Spiro’s Head of IoT / Maps and Data Monetisation

Technological Milestones Ahead

Looking forward, Spiro is set to introduce a series of technological innovations across Africa, developed in house by a dedicated tech team in Pune, India. March will see the launch of the first automatic swap stations in Rwanda, a development that promises to revolutionize the EV market by offering unparalleled convenience for EV users. Additionally, the eagerly anticipated Spiro app, featuring multi-service integration, geolocation, and seamless payment options, is slated for release, marking a significant advancement in Spiro’s tech-driven approach to mobility.

“Spiro’s technology stack empowers financial leasing partners with the ability to make prudent decisions on the back of real-time asset performance, thereby reducing the risk of underwriting” said Kaushik Burman – CEO, Spiro.

A Future Forged Together

“Spiro’s journey is one of collaboration and innovation,” stated Kaushik Burman, CEO of Spiro. “Our partnership with Jali, building upon our engagements with Bboxx, Mogo, and Watu, exemplifies our commitment to crafting a sustainable future for Africa. Together, we are promoting electric mobility and pioneering a new era of environmental responsibility and technological empowerment.”

Jali Finance ltd’s CEO, Felix Nkudimana says, “We at Jali Finance are thrilled to have sealed a partnership with SPIRO, Africa’s foremost electric motorcycle supplier. This collaboration marks a significant step in our mission to eradicate unemployment in Rwanda with eco-friendly products. By utilising this partnership, we will empower additional thousands of individuals with sustainable transportation solutions while fostering economic growth. 

Furthermore, the adoption of electric motorcycles not only enhances mobility but also champions environmental sustainability by reducing carbon emissions and promoting cleaner air quality. Together, we’re driving positive change, transforming lives, and safeguarding our planet for future generations.”

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