April 13, 2024


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National Dental Survey Shows 9 Out of 10 of UK Public Would Prioritise Paying for Holidays and Other Lifestyle Experiences Over Their Dental Health

Leading Dentist and Partner at Chelsea & Fulham Dentist, Dr Imran Sayed, has recently published a National Dental Survey to highlight how the UK public are looking after their teeth, what services they are using and what aspects of their smile they would like to improve.  

The survey has shown some surprising results about how the UK is prioritising dental health with the vast majority (94%) admitting they would spend on holidays and other lifestyle experiences before paying for dental work. One in five (19%) admit they put off going to the dentist to avoid dental costs and more surprisingly less than half (47%) of the UK are currently registered with an NHS dentist which would allow them to utilise the dental service offered by the National Health Service.

Millennials are the least likely age group to have a dentist with only 36% of 25 – 34 year olds registered and the most likely to prioritise lifestyle expenses ahead of paying to manage their dental health.

For additional treatments that aren’t covered by the NHS, there is always the option to use a private dentist. Chelsea & Fulham Dentist offers a wide range of leading cosmetic services to many patients who are often also registered with an NHS dentist. These services can include teeth whitening and straightening, which is not surprising, especially as one in four (27%) of the UK public admitted they felt self-conscious about their smile and the most common reasons for these insecurities were due to people wanting their teeth to be whiter and straighter. 

Dr Imran Sayed, added, “With the cost of living crisis impacting most of the UK population, people are neglecting their dental health, which can often end up costing more further down the line, especially if there are aesthetic implications as many cosmetic procedures aren’t covered by the NHS.

I would urge everyone to ensure they are registered with a dentist and having regular check-ups to avoid long-term problems with their teeth. We are so fortunate in the UK to have a choice of NHS and independent dental care providers which should allow everyone access to the dental care needed to maintain a healthy smile.’

Chelsea & Fulham Dentist is a leading dental practice in the heart of South West London and the expert team offers a comprehensive range of dental services including teeth whitening, teeth straightening and cosmetic dentistry. By offering the best customer service, utilising cutting-edge dental technology and the latest dental procedures, the family-run practice attracts patients from throughout the UK and even Internationally.

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