April 20, 2024


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Salesian Superiors Choose Rwanda for Regional Meeting. Here is why?

The Salesian Superiors of the Africa-Madagascar Region have chosen Rwanda as the location for their ongoing regional meeting with the Rector Major and his General Council.

The meeting, known as a “Team Visit” in the Salesian World, take place from 18th to 23rd February, 2024 in Kigali.

In an interview with regional Councillor, Fr Alphonse Owoudou, it was revealed that Rwanda was selected for several reasons.

Firstly, Rwanda is a country where it is relatively easy for people to gather, with many African countries not requiring a visa for entry. This ease of travel logistics played a significant role in the decision-making process.

Additionally, Rwanda has been a preferred meeting location for the Salesian Superiors in the past.

The country’s accessibility and infrastructure make it a convenient choice for such gatherings. While there was consideration given to other countries in Africa, such as Cameroon and South Africa, Rwanda ultimately emerged as the preferred option.

Fr Owoudou expressed the Superiors’ excitement at returning to Kigali for the meeting, highlighting the significance of the location in facilitating productive discussions and collaboration among Salesian leaders.

He also added that the Provincial superior of the Africa of Great Lakes Province which is made of Rwanda, Uganda, and Burundi-AGL, Father Pierre Celestin suggested to the superiors of Africa who are here if it wouldn’t be a good idea to come and begin this meeting here to entrust our work to Mother Mary and this is the only place in Africa where you can truly do it knowing that the Church has approved what she came to do, what she came to say here. So we came here to begin with Mary so that everything we are going to do in these next days may be blessed by her and by her son.”

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