April 19, 2024


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Abizera Aimé Appointed as Managing Director of Group Vivendi Africa in Rwanda

Abizera Aimé has been named the new Managing Director of Group Vivendi Africa (GVA) in Rwanda, taking over from Kayoboke Julius who will now manage the company’s branch in Uganda and serve as the head of the board for East Africa operations. GVA, founded in 2015, offers Canalbox internet services to households in various African cities and has been operating in Rwanda for four years.

Other companies under the Vivendi Group umbrella in Rwanda include Canal video store and entertainment subsidiary CanalOlympia. Abizera’s appointment is based on his 13+ years of experience in business and advertising, including a successful tenure at Canal where he served as chief commercial and marketing officer for three years.

During his time at Canal, Abizera played a key role in the company’s growth and market dominance, implementing innovative strategies that increased customer base and revenue. His track record in the communication industry and proven business acumen were key factors in his selection as CEO of GVA in Rwanda.

In a statement, GVA highlighted Abizera’s expertise in the entertainment and media sector, emphasizing the importance of stable and reliable internet services in today’s communication landscape. The company aims to further expand its reach in Rwanda and contribute to the country’s technological advancement through initiatives like Canalbox.

As GVA commemorates its four-year anniversary in Rwanda, it announced plans to offer a ‘Winter Special Offer’ promotion to its customers, providing free internet access to home users. The company currently serves 40,000 Canalbox customers in Kigali and Rubavu, with a goal of reaching 200,000 users in the near future.

With operations in eight African countries, including Rwanda, GVA is committed to providing reliable internet services to support technological development across the continent.

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