May 27, 2024


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President Kagame Reflects on Rwanda’s Unity and Self-Reliance

Speaking at Global Citizen Summit, President Paul Kagame of Rwanda emphasized the importance of unity and self-reliance in the country’s post-genocide recovery and development.

President Kagame highlighted the tragic history of the 1994 Genocide against Tutsis, which was fueled by politics of division and tribalism. He stressed that the key to preventing such atrocities in the future is to prioritize the interests of all Rwandans and to build strong institutions that are accountable to the people.

“Unity is the best investment we have ever made,” President Kagame stated. “We chose to stay together and put the interest of all Rwandans first.”

The President also emphasized the importance of self-reliance in improving standards of living and delivering quality services to all Rwandans. He noted that self-reliance is not just about economic independence, but also about taking responsibility for the country’s future.

“No one owes us a living,” President Kagame said. “We have to fight for what is ours and put in the hard work.”

Under President Kagame’s leadership, Rwanda has made significant progress in rebuilding and reconciling after the genocide. The country has seen economic growth and improvements in healthcare, education, and infrastructure.

As Rwanda continues on its path of development, President Kagame’s message of unity and self-reliance serves as a reminder of the importance of working together for a better future for all Rwandans.

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