May 27, 2024


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The Democratic Green Party of Rwanda Raises Concerns Over Illicit Mining

The Democratic Green Party of Rwanda has brought attention to the issue of illegal mining in certain parts of the country that is impacting environmental stability.

This concern was voiced during a political meeting held in Kigali on Saturday, 11th July 2024, where the Party launched their election manifesto for the upcoming July 15 elections. Established in 2009, the Democratic Green Party of Rwanda is a green political party dedicated to environmental protection and sustainable development.

During the meeting, Senator Alex Mugisha highlighted the ongoing problem of illegal mining leading to environmental degradation. He pointed out the specific case of the Nyabarongo Hydroelectric dam, which suffered from a lack of water due to mud from mining sites in Ngororero District, resulting in reduced electricity production.

Mugisha also criticized the issuance of mining licenses to incompetent companies without proper scrutiny, leading to fatalities and health issues within the mining community. The Party plans to revise the process of issuing mining permits to ensure compliance with environmental protection laws and prevent further harm to forests and rivers.

The manifesto also includes plans to create new maps indicating the location and types of mines to regulate extraction activities. Additionally, measures will be taken to address declining arable land, wetlands, displacement of people, and poor settlement practices. The Party aims to implement a wetlands management plan focusing on cultivating non-destructive crops, preserving forests, and educating Rwandans on sustainable resource management.

Technological advancements will be utilized for nature conservation and ecosystem preservation, with a focus on generating income through eco-tourism. A planting program for agroforestry and fruit trees will also be established.

The Political Bureau Meeting of the Democratic Green Party approved 64 parliamentary candidates for the upcoming elections. Party President Dr. Frank Habineza urged members to prepare for the elections responsibly and uphold ethical conduct.

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