May 27, 2024


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Navigating the Entertainment Industry: Challenges and Opportunities for Girls in Rwanda

Isango Star reporter Yvonne Kayitesi, also known as Tessy, and Uwase Blandine, known as Blandy Star and working on TV10, met on the program “This and That.” They openly discussed the challenges that girls face in the entertainment industry, including corruption through sex, which can hinder individuals from pursuing their dreams. They revisited this topic on IGIHE’s “Kulture Talk,” where they discussed the opportunities available to girls in the entertainment industry and the common dangers they may encounter in their careers.

These journalists affirm that Rwandan entertainment provides opportunities for girls who are fortunate enough to succeed, but they also caution about the many dangers that require self-control. Blandy Star mentioned, “It is very challenging because while some are willing to do anything to achieve their dreams, others prioritize their principles and integrity over rushing into the industry.”

These girls emphasize that sex-based corruption is a significant factor that discourages girls in the entertainment industry, contributing to the low representation of females in this profession. They recall the initial obstacles they faced from men and boys when starting their careers as journalists.

Blandy Star shared an incident where she experienced sexual harassment before joining TV10, but she declined the job offer. She recounted how someone had initially praised her potential and invited her for discussions, only to later make inappropriate advances towards her.

Tessy echoed similar experiences, remembering a time when someone tried to exploit her in pursuit of her dream of becoming a journalist during the COVID-19 pandemic. Despite facing numerous attempts of sex-based bribery, Tessy remained steadfast in her refusal.

The girls advise aspiring female entertainers to make wise decisions and be cautious of potential risks while pursuing their dreams in the industry. They acknowledge the presence of opportunities but stress the importance of making informed choices to secure a successful future.

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