June 17, 2024


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“I started him; now I’m going to finish him!” Mike Tyson on fighting Jake Paul

Tyson training for Jake Paul fight

Mike Tyson has vowed to “change the course of biology” and beat Jake Paul on 20th July.

Speaking to Loaded journalist Danni Levy from his private Vegas gym, Tyson made a bold statement as he said:

“When I win this fight, what’s going to happen? I’m going to change the whole idea of biology. People will no longer think I’m almost 60 years old and I’m useless. Some people may say ‘He’s too fucking old. He’s just an old guy. He is not going to beat this young guy. Well, you’ll see on the night of the fight.”

As he trains for the Dallas Stadium bout on 20th July, Tyson said: “I’m looking forward to changing perceptions in biology. I want people to have a different perspective when they say, ‘Oh, I feel old. I saw some 30-year-old guy and oh, I feel old. You don’t know what feeling old is. Feeling old means you feel like you are conquered, you are vanquished. I’m not conquered.”

Tyson said: “There’s no doubt the respect is there” for Jake Paul, 30-years his junior, but said he was not nervous and only concerned with winning.

Tyson at his Vegas training camp

Asked whether he feels as fit as he did in his youth, Tyson confessed: “No, no. No way. There’s just no way I will ever feel as fit as I did in my youth again. I’m just not going to be that guy. That’s just not true. I’ll lie to you. But then I’m lying to the people. I’m just prepared to fight and prepared to win.”

Tyson revealed he has been training hard at 1 pm every day and not following any strict nutritional plan. He said: “Nutrition doesn’t win fights, people win fights.”

With less than two months to go, Tyson stressed his YouTuber opponent is not to be taken lightly as he told Loaded: “Every fight’s the biggest fight of your life. You never know when your life will be over during the fight. Every fight’s the biggest fight of your life.”

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