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Who is Judithe Niyonizera?

Judithe Niyonizera is a Rwandan woman with Canadian citizenship who was born on September 15, 1987, in Kamonyi District, Musambira Sector, Cyamwe Cell, Gacaca Village.

Since January 11, 2011, Niyonizera has been living in Canada where she is engaged with her Canadian husband Dustin Enright. As of the year 2024, they have one child

In her professional life, Judithe Niyonizera is a film producer, actress, and manager in the Rwandan music industry.

She also founded the Girubuntu Foundation, a charitable organization that helps those in need.

Born as the second child in a family of seven siblings, Niyonizera studied Hotel and Tourism at ESEKI. She continued her studies at Bow Valley College in Canada.

Niyonizera started Judy Entertainments Ltd to support emerging talent in the music industry by providing opportunities for artists to promote their work.

She distinguishes her company by focusing on promoting unknown talents rather than relying on established artists for profit.

Niyonizera has facilitated collaborations of Rwandan artists with studios outside Rwanda, such as Wasafi Record Studio in Tanzania.

Aside from her work in entertainment, Niyonizera is dedicated to philanthropy. She believes in using her resources to assist those in need and has seen positive impacts on individuals she has supported, including children attending school and artists showcasing their talents.

 Niyonizera plans to establish a cinema training center and provide education on preventing sexual abuse in the entertainment industry.

Her future goals include creating films for platforms like Netflix and expanding outreach to display young talent across Rwanda.

 Niyonizera is committed to breaking barriers in the industry and making a positive impact through her work and charitable efforts.

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