July 15, 2024


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 Rusizi: Rwandan investor set to launch a pig processing plant targeting Burundi and RDC market

KIME Ltd, a Rwandan company specializing in the sale of fresh meat, fish, and processed meat, is preparing to inaugurate a pork processing plant in Rusizi District, Western Province. The construction of the plant, situated in Giheke Sector, is currently 80% complete, with the total project cost amounting to Rwf6 billion.

It is composed of different sections that include two abattoirs, one for pigs capable of slaughtering 200 pigs a day, the other for herbivore animals with the capacity of slaughtering 200 cows and 300 goats and sheep altogether.

Apart from the slaughtering facilities, the project will have a section reserved to a sausage processing plant capable of producing over 7300 metric tons annually.

The Managing Director of KIME Ltd, Mugambira Jean Baptiste, said that local residents will benefit from the operations of this plant.

“It is the market of pigs, cows, sheep and goats. We have brought the special technology that will contribute to reduce the price of sausage items. Once the plant is operational, it will create over 250 jobs.”

The company targets not only the local market but also foreign one especially in neighboring countries like Burundi and Democratic Republic of Congo which are not far from the site.

Mr. Mugambira highlighted that the construction works of a pig slaughter will be finished and the next phase of sausage processing after six months.

KIME Ltd is among 399 value chain actors who were supported with access to technology facility at 50% co-financing matching grant to boost funding and investment in pig and poultry value chain.

The company received Rwf440 million through Partnership for Resilient and Inclusive Smallstock Market (PRISM-Enabel) implemented by Rwanda Agriculture Development and Animal Resources Board from 2022-2024. Mugambira said he has to pay Rwf172 million on interest free.

While visiting the construction site, the Belgium Ambassador to Rwanda, Bert Versmessen hailed the project saying that it will bring about positive change in pigs value chains and job creation.

The Partnership for Resilient and Inclusive Small Stock Market project (PRISM-Enabel) in partnership with Rwanda Agriculture and Animal Resources Development Board (RAB) started in July 2019 until June 2024. It is a five year project having a total budget of Euro 15.5M to contribute to the reforms and transformation of the pork, poultry and animal feeds value chains by facilitating a private sector investment, market growth and competitiveness resilience to climate change and by strengthening the capacities of farmers across 10 districts in Rwanda.

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