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ProFuturo Digital Education Program increased school enrolment and decreased absenteeism in Rwandan schools

Mrs. Magdalena Brier, the General Manager of ProFuturo Foundation experiencing how Rwandan pupils are learning with Profuturo Tools

By DUSABEMUNGU Ange de la Victoire

Rwandan schools are testifying to the success of the ProFuturo Digital Program in increasing school enrollment and decreasing absenteeism.

Minani Silas, Headmaster of Giko Protestant Primary School in Kayumbu Sector, Kamonyi District, expressed his enthusiasm for the ProFuturo program, stating that it has been incredibly beneficial for both students and parents.

He noted that the introduction of tablets for learning has had a positive impact on the school, with more children enrolling and fewer absenteeism reported.

“Since the introduction of the ProFuturo program, it has proven to be incredibly beneficial for our school. Parents are pleased with the results, as their children now have access to digital learning.” He said

Minani Silas, Headmaster of Giko Protestant Primary School speaking to the General Manager of ProFuturo Foundation

“Children from families without smartphones have seen the value in this program. They started enrolling in a big number and fewer dropping out. Thanks to ProFuturo technology, students at Giko Protestant School has got confidence in the use of digital tools for their education.” Minani added.

However, Mr. Minani mentioned that the school currently does not have enough tablets to cater to all students who could benefit from this technology. He appealed to the donors to this program to increase the number of tablets so that all children at school can benefit from its usage.

Despite this challenge, teachers have found the program to be effective in promoting collaboration among themselves and enabling quick assessment of student performance.

In both rural and urban schools, ProFuturo’s technology is seen as a valuable tool for addressing the needs of sustainable development.

Schools in urban areas like APADE in Kigali city reported high performance of students during the National Examination where they have been able to excel in Sciences, thanks to the interactive ProFuturo Content installed in the tablets.

In the meantime, the Senior Management of the ProFuturo Program are looking into the possible way to make the program sustainable in Rwandan schools.

However, Mrs. Magdalena Brier, the General Manager of ProFuturo Foundation, said “To make a project of this kind be sustainable, we need the involvement of the authorities, of the Ministries of Education, because our collaboration is just a pilot.”

ProFuturo Team visits APADE in Kigali

She added that “It can be a bigger pilot. Therefore, the needs in a country are huge.”

“Based on that we need the government to be involved with us and to implement digital education in the schools. In addition, we are there to help them, to provide them the platform, the training, all our knowledge, to make it possible.” Mrs. Magdalena explained.

The ProFuturo Digital Program is a social education program that was set up in 2016 by the cooperation of two very important Spanish foundations, Fundación Telefónica and Fundación La Caixa.

The purpose of this project is to make it reachable, quality education in the most vulnerable places in the world, mainly in Africa and South America, by providing technology in using pedagogical innovation through technology. Therefore, its purpose is to improve education and reduce the education gap, also by reducing the digital gap.

Mrs. Magdalena shortly after visiting the Giko Protestant Primary School, which locates in rural Kamonyi District in the Southern Province of Rwanda, noted that“Rwanda is a very important country for Profuturo.”

“We have more than 150 schools in Rwanda and we are implementing the program together with Rwanda Basic Education Board, World Vision and the Salesians of Don Bosco, as well as with UNHCR in some refugee camps,” Explained Mrs. Magdalena.

She said that currently they are visiting Rwanda  to understand the local vision of the project, gather information about what are the challenges of the project, how to improve the project and if there is something they can do, how to gather the collaboration of additional partners in order to be able to sustain the project in the long run.

Salesians and World Vision are excited to continue the program, to reach as many young children in schools as much as Possible.

Father Servilien Ufitamahoro, the Salesian Provincial Economer and the Director of the Planning and Development Office, finds this program worthy as much as the Education of the youth is concerned.

He said, “We are thrilled to continue implementing the ProFuturo digital program as it aligns with our mission to provide education to young people.”

“And we believe that education should be relevant with modern technology, and the positive feedback from users of ProFuturo Digital tools reinforces our commitment to supporting quality education through technology.” He said.

“As Salesians, we are dedicated to cooperating and continuing to work with the ProFuturo Foundation to serve Rwandan Children.” He added.

In addition to the salesians, Javier Ruiz, the National Director for World Vision Spain and World Vision Mexico reflects on the Profuturo implementation in Rwanda and elsewhere in the world saying, “It’s truly inspiring to see the impact that ProFuturo is having on students and teachers in Rwanda.”

He added that “As we continue to work together to ensure the sustainability of the ProFuturo program, it’s clear that building strong alliances with various stakeholders is key.” “By engaging the Ministry of Education, local actors, communities, and other partners, we can create a holistic approach to education that reaches even the most vulnerable children.” He added.

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