July 15, 2024


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Fertile Future: Transforming Kamiranzovu Swamp for Sustainable Agriculture

The community of the Kamiranzovu swamp in Burera District was given small livestock that will help them increase agricultural production.

With the goal of boosting food production and enhancing livelihoods in the community residing near the Kamiranzovu swamp, residents of the Butaro Sector in the Burera district are pleased to see efforts being made to protect and conserve the swamp. This has prompted them to commit to sustainable cultivation practices and take responsibility for the preservation of the swamp.

It was recently discovered that farmers living near the swamp were conducting agricultural activities in an unprofessional manner, neglecting the maintenance of the swamp. As a result, they faced challenges such as failed harvests and delays in their agricultural activities, as reported by some of the swamp farmers.

In early 2024, the Kungahara project was initiated with the aim of enhancing agricultural production and improving the livelihoods of the community in the Kamiranzovu swamp area. The project involves providing small livestock, such as pigs and sheep, to the residents to help them acquire fertilizer and support their development. Additionally, efforts are underway to safeguard the swamp from erosion.

The Kungahara project in collaboration with the Rwandan Ecologists’ Association (ARECO-Rwanda Nziza) as the implementing partner, supported by the European Union (EU) recently held a meeting bringing together the Burera District administration, partners, and farmers to discuss the project’s progress. An evaluation conducted revealed that the project is successfully assisting farmers in increasing their production.

Jean Baptiste NSHIMIYIMANA, Vice Mayor of Burera District in charge of economic development, emphasized the positive results of cooperation with partners in the Kamiranzovu marshland area. He highlighted the progress in agriculture and urged residents to responsibly care for the livestock they have received.

NSHIMIYIMANA stated, “It is crucial to utilize this important swamp effectively. ARECO-Rwanda Nziza, in collaboration with the European Union, has provided livestock, including sheep and pigs, to 160 families. We are also monitoring the progress of other activities in the area.”

He emphasized that this support will help the community improve their livelihoods, address malnutrition, access fertilizers, grow vegetables, and raise quality breeds of livestock. NSHIMIYIMANA urged residents to work hard to cultivate the swamp efficiently, lift themselves out of poverty, and enhance their own lives as well as those of others.

Christine NYIRAMUGISHA, a resident of Mubuga village in Butaro sector, expressed her gratitude towards the partners who provided sheep to assist in agriculture, ultimately leading to economic improvement. She stated, “We used to struggle with cultivating this swamp, but with the fertilizer we will receive to enhance production, things are looking up and we are extremely thankful.”

Her colleague, Leonard HABIMANA, also praised the project aimed at agricultural enhancement in the swamp, which included providing domesticated animals such as sheep and pigs. He shared, “Previously, I didn’t have livestock which hindered my farming as I lacked fertilizer. However, that issue is now resolved. Once the animals start reproducing, I anticipate prosperity. Even if the land I cultivate remains the same, I can increase yield with the assistance of fertilizer. Additionally, the project is helping us combat erosion that previously damaged our crops.”

The Kamiranzovu swamp is on an area of 465 hectares where potatoes, vegetables, and maize are cultivated. The project will last three years working with farmers, and it will also continue to plant different trees and create terraces on an area of 20 hectares.

In addition to the promotion of small livestock, such as pigs and sheep, for 160 families in Mubuga cell, Miyove village, to help them get fertilizer to improve production, among other things that will be done by this project are the construction of potato and maize storage.

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