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Rwanda: Children Empowerment Network Club Celebrates International Day of the African Child with Trip to King’s Palace Museum

The Children Empowerment Network club (Rengera Umwana) made a meaningful impact on June 16th by taking 25 children from impoverished families to the King’s Palace Museum in Rukari, Nyanza district.

Established in 2018, the club focuses on addressing critical issues such as poverty, violence, school dropouts, medical care, and other basic services to empower children in need.

This outing was a special celebration of the International Day of the African Child, providing these children with a memorable and enriching experience.

The director of the club, TWIZEYIMANA Emmanuel, said that they are inspired by St. John Bosco’s work with poor children.

Emmanuel emphasized that every Rwandan has a role in supporting children’s education and well-being. He said that even though the government has programs to help children, more work needs to be done. “Today, we are raising our voices to encourage every Rwandan to help every child, especially in education,” he said.

The visit to the museum aimed to promote cultural awareness and help the children build confidence. Many of the children had previously dropped out of school or were separated from their families. The club’s activities brought them together and gave them a sense of belonging.

The children were reminded to avoid distractions and focus on their education. They were told that improving their families and contributing to their country’s development would be their greatest benefit.

One of the children spoke on behalf of the others, thanking the club for being their friends, brothers, and parents. He said that many of them had previously left school but are now studying without difficulties. He also thanked the club for bringing them together and giving them a sense of belonging.

The International Day of the African Child was first celebrated on June 16th, 1991, to honor hundreds of black children who were killed in South Africa in 1976 during protests against poor education quality.

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