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Kinyinya: High School Finalists focus on Community Family Planning awareness

Students will work closely with community leaders during Urugerero services

Kinyinya: 8th January 2018: Young girls and boys who have completed secondary school education have stated that they are ready to educate the community about family planning as part of the community services to be done through “Urugerero”, one of the Government initiatives that enables High school graduates to contribute back to their community.

Even though the Urugerero is a countrywide exercise, the youth in Kinyinya Sector of Gasabo District expressed their willingness to do more than what have done before in order to contribute their efforts in the achievements of performance contracts (Imihigo) signed by the sector as well as the District.

In the recent interview with the Executive Secretary of Kinyinya Sector Umuhoza Rwabukumba said Kinyinya has been doing well in the implementation of different Government programs despite some challenges that she said “will be addressed throughout the year 2019.”

TOPAFRICANEWS recently spoke to E.S of Kinyinya Sector on various subjects regarding citizens

“All of the planned activities will be done with focus to the wellbeing of the community and we will keep working closely with the community,” Rwabukumba told TOPAFRICANEWS during an interview.

The Government of Rwanda has elaborated ways young people can contribute their efforts in the development of their respective communities through Urugeroro.

This year Urugerero will focus on various sectors which include raising awareness about Family Planning, Fighting malnutrition, promoting hygiene and sanitation, reducing illiteracy among adults, training community on the use of ICTs among many others.

Urugerero (national service) used to exist in ancient Rwanda where parents would send their sons to a state-run training camp. Since there was no formal education, the training centres were used to transmit the basics of life needed to pass into manhood.

Warfare, dancing, poetry, good manners and good old competition were some of the virtues that marked a well-heeled Rwandan of the day worthy of his place in society.

In the footsteps of other traditional practices that have successfully been incorporated in modern society, Urugerero will also definitely pass through the delicate teething stage, and is bound to encounter some difficulties.

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