August 9, 2022


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RWANDA: Radiant recompenses farmers after flood ruins rice plantations

Farmers in Gisagara district have benefited from agriculture insurance scheme as they got paid for the loss, they encountered due to flooding which destroyed their crops.

This happened on Thursday 16th January 2020, where farmers from different rice farming cooperatives, local leaders and representative of Radiant Insurance Company were gathered in Musha sector to witness this compensation activity.

Vincent Nsabiyeza, the president of COPRORIZ Nyiramageni; in his testimony explains how they used to encounter losses due to floods and diseases but nowadays they are feeling secured with the insurance.

He says “Before we used to encounter losses due to floods and diseases which have been destroying our crops. But today, with this scheme, a farmer is cultivating with assurance that if anything happens, he will get compensation. And we are appreciating the effort of Radiant insurance because they did what they promised us.”

The occasion was also an opportunity to call upon investors to invest in agriculture as the sector has got insurance to mean that none should be afraid of any loss, as explained by Laetitia Mahoro, the in charge of agriculture insurance at Radiant.“The investors were afraid to invest in this sector due the loss, but with the insurance in agriculture, if an investor faces a loss the insurance will be there for compensation. So, the role of insurance in this scheme is to help people invest more in agriculture” She said.

Laetitia Mahoro – Radiant Insurance Company

Around 2500 farmers across the country have already registered in this scheme, but the ministry of Agriculture says that the statistics are still lower comparing to the number of people in agriculture.

Nirere Marion, the SPIU coordinator at the ministry of Agriculture, says that the number will get increased through campaigns like this as there is still a big number of farmers who still think that the initiative cannot be implemented, but when they see that what they have been told was true, they will also join. “This is a government initiative that works across the country, all we ask to farmers is to join it because nowadays we have a big issue of climate change which causes flooding everywhere. What is needed now is that farmers should change their perception towards this initiative as there are some who still don’t believe it.” Said Marion.

Nirere Marion – SPIU Coordinator at MINAGRI

The sum of Rwf 13,538,112 was given to farmers’ cooperative union as the compensation for the encountered loss in the marshlands of Cyiri, Ngiryi and Nyiramageni which locate in Gisagara district.

This type of insurance is currently applied only for rice and maize in agriculture, while for animal resources it is only applied on cows.

The ministry of Agriculture revealed that in coming six months, other crops will be added so that they can also be insured.

Nyiramageni marshland

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