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Judith, Safi Madiba’s ex-wife, in a new love!

It is said that Safi Madiba’s Ex-wife Judith Niyonizera may have found another new boyfriend whose name is Sano Panda.

There are reports that after the woman broke up with Safi Madiba, she continued to experience grief and loneliness due to the lack of her husband (Safi Madiba) whom they tied knots during the marriage ceremony that took place in Kigali.

Safi Madiba, best known when he was in the Urban Boys group, admitted to breaking up with his wife Judith Niyonizera, after a lot of relationship problems.

So now Rwandan media report that Judith nowadays is seen many times  traveling  and visiting the young man called Sano Panda who is the elder brother of artist Alyn Sano.

Reports say things are also so far in their love, and in the near future she may be wearing a ring of endless love.

According to Kigali Today, Sano Panda does not deny or confirm the information, only saying that in the near future people will know the truth about what is being said.

“I have nothing to say about this information, only Judith is my friend and I have nothing more to say about it, if we really love each other then people will know it and if not people will know it, otherwise love is for two people. So wait, you will know the truth,” Sano said as quoted by Kigali Today

It was in early 2020, when Safi Madiba went to Canada to meet his wife and when Covid-19 broke out Safi claimed that the pandemic  prevented him from returning, yet reports suggest that Judith had confiscated his passport so that he failed to return as planned.

It is also alleged that Safi Madiba went to sue his wife in the local authorities in Canada.



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