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Kinyinya: Local residents seek Clarifications on why their village market erased, blamed the authorities for lack of development infrastructures


The destruction took place last night on November, 26, 2020

With preliminary Investigation that this website’s reporter has randomly conducted among locals in the area, some say the market, which used to be held on Friday and Monday, was demolished following Kigali City directives to be able to control the spread of COVID 19 pandemic, however this website’s reporter cannot independently confirm or deny if that’s the real reason.

While others say it is against a young man with ZUDARWA Company who have created the company in order to be able to exploit the land he inherited from his parent by turning a part of it into a market place which he says the company is also registered in Rwanda Development Board.

There are also others who say there is an investor who built a modern market in Kinyinya and tried to do whatever possible to get clients who can join the said modern market by first destroying the Existing one and the Private One owned by the said ZUDARWA company owner.

This website’s reporter is still verifying the raised facts 

All of these are being said and more.

However, most of the people are wondering on the real reason for the demolished market to be removed from the village of Agatare where it used to be in the public land to the private market in the other village?

Another wonder is to know the path it went through to destroy the public market as well as the ZUDARWA Private Market?

Another important issue is knowing what the remaining state land will be used for since it is no longer hosting the public market? And as well why the y didn’t spared the Private one?

In the meantime, on  November 26, 2020, when the market was demolished, no clear explanations were given to local residents who were standing whispering to each one of their opinion as to why the market is demolished.

This morning, our website’s reporter received a message which was also sent to the director of Transparency International Rwanda and the Rwanda Governance Board via Twitter as a young man named Rutazana Eric, ZUDARWA Company owner was asking for advocacy on the issue.

The message reads: “@IngabireIm (Ingabire Imacule) I urge you to advocate for us because we are being treated unfairly. I appealed to all authorities up to the city of Kigali but they did not respond to my request.”

In the past, when giving their ideas on the National budget use in the village, citizens at the time said they needed infrastructure such as roads and clinics and a modern market.

At present, they say that they are not aware of the public interest activities that are planned for them because they do not have any Development activities that will make them feel that the City of Kigali is thinking about them.

Recently, citizens themselves gathered money to rehabilitate the road, but it didn’t last simply because they lacked additional support to make it stronger so that the rain can’t destroy them.

It is often said that Agatare village is the first to be inhabited by many poor and unemployed people in Kinyinya sector comparing to other villages like the ones in Gacuriro, Kagugu and Batsinda.

One of the residents who talked to this website on the condition of the anonymity explained “In general, the government is the one who thinks which infrastructure should be put in place for some reason. But also, when it comes to demolishing the market one might wonder why demolished and what is going to be next and again how the Private business owner will be treated as he complained to be unfairly treated,”

It is said also that consultations meeting was conducted with involved parties to find the long-term solutions which in vain still raising complaints.



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