May 28, 2024


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How Kangondo ‘Bannyahe’ resident used views on sexual relations to ask Minister Shyaka explanations on Busanza Houses

According to Ukwezi news website: ‘Bannyahe’/Kangondo residents asked Local Government Minister Prof. Shyaka Anastase how they will enjoy love as parents while children listen/watch them?

One said “Here we are all adults, we gave birth, like me I have an 18-year-old daughter, and I have a 16-year-old son. You know that When a woman lacks in bed during love actions, she can destroy. I wonder how a man and a woman will make love at home while children listen, or watch them?”

Probably was pointing out on the size of the new homes that will host them after being relocated.

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The mother said that Nowadays there are men who rape their children and that living in the same room tête-à-tête can lead to another violence against girls.

“Sadly, today there are reports of parents raping their children, men raping other children, raping their sisters, and now you have heard of a 40-year-old man who raped his mother, and many of us live with our parents. Aren’t you going to give the police an unnecessary job?”

She said they were concerned about the children’s future, demanded that the law be enforced, and that they be given adequate compensation for their properties and, move where they wanted as their own choice.

Although 48 families have already agreed to relocate to these new houses on the other hand there are some residents saying they will not relocate to new houses built in Busanza in Kicukiro District.

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Local Government Minister Prof Shyaka said all these are consequences of the disordered construction, since some houses are constructed in the marshland which was illegal as per the law, but the people have done so now they are among the claimants for compensation.

The three-hour talks with ‘Bannyahe’ residents ended unanimously and Minister Shyaka said

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